Monday, March 10, 2014

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd

Sorry for a double-Sully in one day, but really:
But the hysteria and self-pity among those who, for centuries, enjoyed widespread endorsement for the horrible mistreatment of gay people really is too much. The victimology that was born on the left is now alive and whining on the right. It’s a self-defeating position and a thoroughly unattractive one.
-- Andrew Sullivan, 03.10.14
In the Conservative arsenal there exists no greater insult that telling someone that their behavior has become as bad as the imaginary excesses of The Dirty Hippies.

Mr. Sullivan flings it because he is weak and lazy.

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Anonymous said...

And what in hell is he referring to with the obligatory "born on the left" shit? I assume it was the "PC police" type stuff that Limbaugh and 80s-90s-era Sully found so unAmerican, where liberal interest groups portrayed those for whom they fought as "victims" (which they were), and the conservative media thought that was lame, or sinister, or something.

But I can't think offhand of a single liberal politician in my lifetime, and probably beyond, that spent even 1% as much of their time whining about being put-upon victims as, say, Sarah Palin, or any of countless other right-wing figures.

Maybe this is one of those "some anonymous hothead in the comments of dkos said something whiny once, so both sides do it" kind of things.