Friday, March 21, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #224

"Culture is just a shambling zombie that repeats what it did in life; bits of it drop off, and it doesn't appear to notice."

-- Alan Moore


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Anonymous said...

Help me obi-wan driftglass, you're my only hope.

Reddit can't ID this short story I read long ago. I'm sure it was print but can't remember if it was a magazine or an anthology. Heres' what I remember:
A short story set in a decadent future where everyone lives forever and mostly they go to parties. Guy meets a girl at a party, suggest he start at one side of an asteroid and digs a tunnel by hand to her, while she waits in a hollowed out space and creates a beautiful garden while waiting (robots take care of all mundane life support stuff).

So he digs 100 years, get there, they're all set to have mad sex, but he calls her by the wrong name or something and she turns cold. The last line is something like "You've done this kind of thing before with someone else."

Any ideas?

Here's the reddit thread:

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

My thanks to you and Ms. Gal for answering my question this podcast.

Enjoy your weekend.

---Kevin Holsinger

Anonymous said...

For the record, Driftglass, the pilot and much of season 1 of "Babylon 5" is not bad.

It is an unholy abomination that will make blood shoot out of your eyes and set your ears on fire, much like reading some bit of Peggy Noonan / Charles Krauthammer / Cthulhu slash-fiction in the interlinear notes of the Necronomicon.

It is truly one of my favorite series ever, but I'm sometimes amazed it survived. It had some great writing, excellent character development, beautiful scenes, and Andreas Katsultas had some beautiful monologues with a voice that would make angels horny.


driftglass said...


You stumped me. It sounds like the sort of thing Arthur Byron Cover or Andy Offutt would have been writing in the 1970s, but I can't place the plot.

driftglass said...


Yeah, it was abominable, but I try to speak kindly of the departed.