Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Congratulations to Andrew Sullivan

After a month or so of promotion, his blog has reached its fundraising goal:
FEB 5 2014 @ 2:10PM

That’s the number of auto-renewing subscriptions the Dish now has. I know we’ve been pestering you through this renewal process, but I hope you understand it’s because we needed to create a solid base to build and grow this community and conversation. We’ve now got the foundations for long-term survival as an independent site. We took the hardest route to get to the most solid ground. We are not in a daily desperate search for pageviews and ad dollars, like so many other sites. We are incentivized entirely to make sure readers want to renew their subscriptions each year and don’t want to cancel...
Something for me to meditate on.
As I listen to these funny voices.
Up in the tower of song.

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