Friday, January 31, 2014

The Typos of Andrew Sullivan

I just wrote Mr. Sullivan alerting him to a typo in this post.

My email reads:
You wrote: "Because the GOP has not been a conservative party these past five years..."

When obviously you meant "Because the GOP has not been a conservative party since I was five years old..."
In a completely different post, Mr. Sullivan explains why his blog does not have a comment section.

I leave the rest as a problem for the reader.


Unsalted Sinner said...

As a Norwegian, I can't help but think of Ibsen:

PEER GYNT. But why, my dear Director ?

BEGRIFFENFELDT. Don't call me that! I was Director
Until Sir, can you keep a secret?
I must unburden myself

PEER GYNT. What is it?

BEGRIFFENFELDT. Promise me that you will not tremble.

PEER GYNT. I will try not to.

BEGRIFFENFELDT [takes him into a corner and whispers}. Absolute
Expired at eleven o'clock last night!

PEER GYNT. God help us!

BEGRIFFENFELDT. Yes, it's a great disaster.
In my position, too, you see,
It's doubly disagreeable ;
Because this place, until it happened,
Was known as a lunatic asylum.

PEER GYNT. A lunatic asylum!

Not now, you understand!

PEER GYNT [aside, growing pale]. I see
Exactly how it is; this fellow
Is mad and not a soul suspects it. [Moves away.]

BEGRIFFENFELDT [following him] . I hope you have really understood
To say it's dead is not accurate.
It has left itself got out of its skin,
Like my friend Baron Munchausen's fox.

PEER GYNT [trying to get away]. Excuse me

BEGRIFFENFELDT [holding on to him]. No, it was like an eel,
Not a fox. A nail right through its eye
And there it was, squirming on the wall

PEER GYNT. How on earth am I to save myself?

BEGRIFFENFELDT. Just one slit round the neck and pop!
Out of its pelt it came!

PEER GYNT. Quite mad!

BEGRIFFENFELDT. And now the fact is evident
That this same exit-from-itself
Entails a revolution
In all the world. All persons who
Up to that time were known as mad
At eleven o'clock last night became
Normal; this, in conformity
With Reason in its newest phase.
And, if you consider the matter further,
It's clear that from the selfsame hour
Our so-called wise men all went mad.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Finally. I've made myself sick repeating for the past three (or more) years that "there are no actual conservatives in American political life. There are only Republicans," but does anyone listen?

Carry on being awesome, Drift.

steeve said...

Since the actual word "conservative" now means "democrat", I reserve "conservative" to mean "someone who thinks that tax cuts for the rich create jobs". So that all republicans, even the "true conservatives", are insane.

marindenver said...

@Mr. W. No. Sorry. But Mr. Glass continues to have an awesome voice that we need to support. Keep that PayPal button up there Drifty!

Horace Boothroyd III said...


Awwww... has nobody given you your magic flying unicorn that pees lemonade and poops chocolate chip ice cream? Best scamper on back to the Daily Kos, where you and the rest of the goobers can cry in each other's beer because nobody will recognize your inherent moral superiority and put you in charge of everything.

steeve said...

I'm not a "destroy the system" guy. I'm a "destroy the republicans, then see what problems are left" guy.

And anyone who isn't that type of person is, indeed, morally inferior to me. Because it really is extremely obvious.