Tuesday, January 28, 2014

David Brooks Burnishes His Christian Mingle Profile -- UPDATE

First, a profession of faith.
Sort of.
From "Alone. So Alone"  "Alone, Yet Not Alone":
There is a strong vein of hostility against orthodox religious believers in America today, especially among the young. When secular or mostly secular people are asked by researchers to give their impression of the devoutly faithful, whether Jewish, Christian or other, the words that come up commonly include “judgmental,” “hypocritical,” “old-fashioned” and “out of touch.”

It’s not surprising. There is a yawning gap between the way many believers experience faith and the way that faith is presented to the world.

And yet there is a silent majority who experience a faith that is attractively marked by combinations of fervor and doubt, clarity and confusion, empathy and moral demand...
Yeah, these kids today and their crazy ideas and jazz and reefers and sexytime.  Who knows what they'll say next!

Thankfully a reasonable "silent majority" that Mr. Brooks has made up for the occasion lurks just out of sight who are not taken in, so don't worry potential-future-Mrs.-David-Brooks: you will be safely in the sensible majority with Mr. Brooks at your side.

Under "likes" we find that Mr. Brooks appears to enjoy Catholic singer/songwriter Audrey Assad -- 
For example, Audrey Assad is a Catholic songwriter with a crystalline voice and a sober intensity to her stage presence. (You can see her perform her song “I Shall Not Want” on YouTube.) She writes the sort of emotionally drenched music that helps people who are in crisis. A surprising number of women tell her they listened to her music while in labor.
-- however only 800 words to work with, Mr. Brooks had to keep it short, so interested ladies should also know that Mr. Brooks is a committed lifestyle-asymmetriphobe who also likes
But he does not like:
(Yes, I know Mr. Brooks is Jewish, but when it comes to plunging back into the dating scene, many a recently-divorced man has cast a very wide net.  And anyway, Both Sides!)


Over at The Rectification of Names, citizen Yastreblyansky points out that, once again, where Mr. Brooks plants his feet and firmly stands on timeless issues depends entirely on what the calendar says and which way the wind is blowing.


Yastreblyansky said...

And long walks along the breach, huh? I notice today he's crazy about those jewels of nuance when it comes to theology, in opposition to "cold, rigid, unambiguous, unparadoxical belief". Other times, not so much.

RockDots said...

David, our exquisitely sensitive algorithm has analyzed your application, and come up with the perfect love match for you. Qualities:
- Deep familiarity and knowledge of vast spaces for entertaining
- Similar deep and public regard for the studiedly spiritual
- Knows all the Right People

Unfortunately the candidate is currently unavailable for anything but lunch; however, her relationship state may change in the not-too-distant future. Until then, her resume may be reviewed here: http://tinyurl.com/6ezfgv5

steve simels said...

David Brooks: A Jew so stupid he believes the Episcopalians actually think he's one of them.

Have I mentioned I loathe David Brooks?