Monday, December 30, 2013

The Machineries of Joy -- UPDATE

Having lost the ability to metabolize reality decades ago, to stay alive Conservatives have been reduced to a state of complete dependence on a steady diet of ideologically-engineered lies tube-fed to them by their Brain Caste.

And now that one of their last, remaining sources of basic nutrients -- Benghaaaazi! -- has been damaged by a sudden dam-burst of reality, for a brief moment the machinery behind the maintenance of the entire lie factory stands exposed to public view.

Here is what it looks like.

Step One:  The New York Times cruelly blows up your favorite foundational lie.

Step Two:  Fox News hastily patches the gaping hole through which horrible reality is pouring into the Wingnut Alternate Reality Bubble with a boilerplate denunciation based entirely on anonymous sources.

Step Three:  The Breitbart Collective quickly picks up Fox News' freshly-minted official Conservative Party offal and makes the story its own by troweling a layer of Breitbart-brand bullshit on top.

Step Four:  With the Breitbart Collective in place as Fox News' mirror server, the orc army can now start shutting out terrifying, eye-scalding reality with confirmations from "multiple sources" that their bubble is still intact, and their ideological drip-feed is once again Blue Sky pure.

Step Five:  Dredge up just one Democrat -- anywhere -- who is willing to say anything critical about the Times' story (see, "Lieberman, Holy Joe") so that you can give your shit hoagie a big schmear of Both Siderism and run-run-run with this headline (once again from Fox News):
Congress, in bipartisan tone, disputes report Al Qaeda not involved in deadly Benghazi attack
Step Six:  Republican lawmakers begin obediently repeating the new lies as hard news:
From HuffPo:
Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) on Monday joined the growing chorus of Republicans claiming that an in-depth New York Times report on Benghazi, Libya, was published to protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ahead of a possible presidential run.

During an appearance on "Fox & Friends," Westmoreland questioned the timing of the report, which was published Saturday after a months-long investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi that killed four people.

The Craphammer chimes predictably in:
Krauthammer: NY Times Benghazi Report Undeniably About Protecting Dems, Hillary
And, finally, inevitably, we circle once again back to Fox News, where it is time for Roger Ailes to harvest what Roger Ailes has sown, courtesy of Teapublican Congressman Trey Gowdy whose "epic takedown" consists of Congressman Gowdy dutifully regurgitating Roger Ailes' talking points back into one of Roger Ailes' teevee cameras.

Teapublican Gowdy launches into his Fox News job interview by snidely "congratulating" the New York Times at only taking "15 months to figger out how to spell 'Benghazi'."  Apparently, in his haste to get on the air, Congressman Gowdy neglected to A) have someone de-haystack his hillbilly-hair and, B) have one of his staffers hop onto the "internet" and do the 11 seconds of basic research necessary to discover any of over 4,000 mentions that have been made about Benghazi in the New York Times in the last 12 months (to say nothing of +10,000 "Benghazi" mentions in the New York Times since 1875.)  Then again, maybe Teapublican Congressman Trey Gowdy is just very, very, very, very stupid.


Not hard to do.

Not hard at all.

Because it's the same playbook the Modern Right has been running at least since the days when Richard Mellon Scaife was paying off The American Spectator to make up lies about the Clintons.

All you need to make it work is a mob willing to believe anything, demagogues willing to say anything, a media willing to let them get away with it, and a huge pile of money.


Monster from the Id said...

"A media willing to let them get away with it"

A "respectable", "mainstream" media which is commanded to let them get away with it, because the "respectable" media is owned by a saner--though equally corrupt and amoral--faction of the same Malefactors Of Great Wealth whose crazy faction owns the "right-wing" media.


The members of the sane faction of the MOGW may roll their eyes at the crazy faction of the MOGW, but in the long run, the narrow self-interests of the sane faction and the crazy faction are much the same. Hence, the sane faction will not order its kept media to denounce the lies and lunacies of the crazy faction's kept media.


starskeptic said...

"metabolize reality" it!