Thursday, November 07, 2013

It Never Stops

A taste of what the next three years will look like.

"And that’s why I say this is unparalleled. In my lifetime I can’t think of a presidential lie that even approaches this, that even gets anywhere near it."

-- Rush Limbaugh, who is -- surprise! -- not referring to the Bush Administration lying us into the wrong war.
And this:
"Barack Obama isn’t the first President to lie to the American public and he won’t be the last. Yet a case could be made that no President before him and no President that follows him will have lied so brashly and brazenly as Obama has done."

-- from The American Spectator, the same magazine which noted crackpot, wingnut billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife used to mule 1001 fake Clinton scandals into the nation media.
Another constant about Conservatism is that it is now entirely parasitic, with no beliefs or ideas of its own.

Instead it exists as free-floating cloud of hysterical contempt for anything it perceives of as "Liberal" that rises to an 11 on the Shoutycracker Scale whenever the White House is occupied by an American president who does not have an (R) after his name.

Conservatism is like some cheap, non-FDA approved off-brand Green Lantern power, which is eternally straining to tangibly manifest their incoherent and inconsolable rage into whatever form they believe will cripple as many Liberal ideals and make as many Liberals cry as possible.

They have so far failed to turn any of their non-scandals into anything stabby or smashy enough to bring down the Kenyan Usurper, but until the day he leaves office, they will never stop trying.

And the Beltway Both Sider Crew will never stop enabling them.

They'll impeach him yet, just you wait.


Anonymous said...

HIlarious. Rush also said that "in my lifetime" there hasn't been such a "betrayal of the national trust" by a president. I'm only paraphrasing slightly. He said this.

Now THAT'S some funny shit right there!

Anonymous said...

From today's email. From Bob Livingston: "Obama needs to take the perp walk". From the Tea Party: "Impeachment gaining attention in Congress". Why? Because the Kenyan usurper implemented a Republican health care plan.

Chucklenuts said...

This is only funny if you can be one of the people who go on TV/Radio and never be right, never call people on their BS, lie, never get fired and stoke fear so the lizard brains can feel purpose in their lives as the same people who they listen to work against their best interest. But to some of us, these words and actions have real consequences and we see beyond the moment. The next 12 months will be a display of pure Fascism from the right and they will project all that they are onto the Democrats, then once the mid-terms are over, the 2016 election will be theirs for the taking. I sometimes can't believe what politics have come to be in my lifetime, and what kills me is I can see the tyranny from the right as plain as day, and I am not that smart, yet so many people are buying into the evil liberals, fucking hippies BS. Oy Vey

Neo Tuxedo said...

What you have to understand is that there are an awful lot of people who haven't fully grokked, either viscerally or (what passes for) intellectually, that the Cold War is over. As far as they're concerned, if American tanks of liberation haven't marched through the streets of Moscow, ideally with Jesus at their head on a white horse, the International Communist Conspiracy cannot truly have been defeated. It says so right in the Bible, after all, and the Bible is the infallible Word of Gawd; it says so right in the Bible, after all.

Believe me, I know these people. For 11 years and change, I've been living in Chambersburg, Pennsyltucky*; with the election of an avowed teabagger as mayor, my family is finally planning to move, and once we're gone, I'm going to send Public Opinion the letters I've hitherto been too polite to send. The ones that say things like

"Until I moved here from what I now recognize, by comparison, as the enlightened liberal paradise of Mississippi, I thought farm people knew in their bones the difference between the stuff that comes off the side of the bull that you put in your mouth and the stuff that comes out the back end of the bull that you put on your fields. But it seems an awful lot of the good people of Franklin County have some sort of bone disease that not only causes them to eagerly swallow the bovine end product spewed by Fox News and its political arm the Republican Party, but mistake it for filet mignon combined with the most exquisite sex in the history of history itself."

(* Pennsyltucky, aka Pennsylbama: the vast expanse of transplanted Confederacy between the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh MSAs.)

TL;DR "These are people of the land. The common clay of the New West."

tmk said...

What did you expect? "Welcome, sonny"? "Make yourself at home"? "Marry my daughter"? You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons.

Gene had these people pegged...

heh. captcha word: focknony.

Chucklenuts said...

Thanks, great comment. I have been in the I "understand" but can't "comprehend" stage on and off for the last 13 years. The Bush years had to have been the most frustrating to go through as I listened to the lizard brains spew whatever that was. Here in the land of McCain and corruption, the same affliction occurs as where you are.
I was listening to a liberal talk show the other day and the host was asking a listener how the people in the southern state could buy into the Tea Party/Republican (because there really is no Tea Party) BS and the answer was fear. Fear of losing what they think they have, even though the results were against their best interest. I wanted to call in and say this: the strategy is quite full proof. When things go wrong, then it was the evil liberals...or those people who are not white ...who caused the problems you are having. As long as you can point and blame, those who are in fear will be comforted. This I understand, though I can't quite comprehend. What really baffles me are those who appear to have some content of critical thinking, yet when it comes to politics, no matter what facts I point out, or how I point them out. They just can't seem to change the way they vote.

bowtiejack said...

Just to implement the Godwin Rule here, the self-delusion dynamic of these people appears similar to that of the "good" Germans back in the day, who upon learning of bad things going on would intone "Oh, if only Hitler knew about this, he would put a stop to it." Uh, no dearie. Hitler was the problem as is your enabling scoundrels and grifters with your vote.

Neo Tuxedo said...


*bows* You're quite welcome, and thank you. I think I grok your distinction between understanding and comprehension, but not necessarily in fullness. Can I persuade you to elucidate?

the strategy is quite [fool] proof. When things go wrong, then it was the evil liberals...or those people who are not white ...who caused the problems you are having.

You understand very well indeed. It's a cult, and thus as impervious to demolition from without as any other cultic granfalloon.

What really baffles me are those who appear to have some content of critical thinking, yet when it comes to politics, no matter what facts I point out, or how I point them out[, t]hey just can't seem to change the way they vote.

Dean Swift said "It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into." And this goes for smart people too; remember Alan Grant in The Daughter of Time reflecting on the Great Minds he had known and the astonishingly lame grifts they'd fallen for:

He had known a great scientist who was convinced that a piece of butter muslin was his great-aunt Sophia because an illiterate medium from the back streets of Plymouth told him so. He had known a great authority on the Human Mind and Its Evolution who had been taken for all he had by an incurable knave because he 'judged for himself and not on police stories'.

All we can do, it seems, is wait patiently for them to encounter that one piece of the cult's bullshit that's too much for their gag reflex (think of John Cole after Schiavo, or of Charles Johnson finally realizing what sort of dogs he'd been lying down with), and be willing to provide exit counseling. Thin reed to hang your hat on, I know.

Chucklenuts said...

@Neo. Elucidate I shall!! Great word!!
I "understand" because I have been forced to listen to the right on the radio as I traveled the land and it being the only game in town. Therefore, for so many to be versed in the right wing viewpoint is inevitable and expected behavior. What I can't comprehend is the inability of the same people not, at some point, scratching their heads and thinking, this is some serious BS. I think you nailed it with the gag reflex point in your comment. In my opinion, there has been many of those in the last 12 yrs....outing a CIA spy is just one of them. Can anyone point out in history when an administration/party has done that and done such an act that was directly an attack on the policy they were putting forth (Valerie was working on WMD's in the meddle east)? There were many more "incidents" in those 8 years, add to it the boldness of a political party bragging about sabotaging the country so they can bring down a President in the last 4 plus some point, no matter how right wing thinking you are, the moment of clarity had to occurred. So, that's what I battle to comprehend.
I hope that all makes sense. And great comment by you as usual. Thanks