Thursday, November 14, 2013

Illinois' Corrupt Former Governor

Would like to not be in jail so much if it would please the court.

Prosecutors File Response To Blagojevich Appeal

CHICAGO (AP) – Prosecutors have responded to Rod Blagojevich’s appeal of his corruption conviction, challenging the notion that the behavior that landed the disgraced former Illinois governor behind bars was run-of-the-mill political horse-trading.

Government attorneys rebutted that and other claims in an unusually lengthy, 169-page filing before a midnight deadline Tuesday. It’s a reply to the Democrat’s July appeal with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

Jurors convicted Blagojevich on 18 counts, including for trying to profit from his power to name someone to the Senate seat that Barack Obama vacated to become president. Blagojevich is serving a 14-year prison term in Colorado as Inmate No. 40892-424.

In their 100-page appeal, defense attorneys claim Blagojevich engaged in a legal “political horse-trade” when he floated the idea of a Cabinet seat or ambassadorship for himself if he appointed Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett to the seat. Neither Obama nor Jarrett have ever been accused of any wrongdoing in the case.

In their response, prosecutors balk at the idea that what Blagojevich did was commonplace.

“This is an extraordinary claim,” the government filing says. “No matter the price he charges, a public official who sells his office engages in crime, not politics.”
Blagojevich’s real-real crime was using his Outside Voice to talk bluntly and stupidly about things which every sentient mammal in Chicago knows you only talk about obliquely using your Inside Voice.

And for that he will spend many years in the house of many doors.

It also frankly gives me an change to remount some graphics I haven't used in awhile:
Blago the Pure and Holy.
Blago magi

Illinois' Agent of Chaos.
Blago Joker

The Inner Blago.
little rod

The culture he left behind.

As well as a chance to play this song:

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