Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You Say "Joe McCarthy"

Like it's a bad thing.

Forget trying to pry a little humanity out of the Conservative heart with dire warnings about a New McCarthyism.

Remember, to them, Tailgunner Joe's a damn hero.


Compound F said...

and where is your humanity wrt your pillorying of Greenwald. Your smears have been nearly unbounded. I seem to remember you classifying him as damned-near a national security risk; which he may, in fact, be; but not for the reasons you intimated.

You might think of me as a "G-bot," but I was rather provoked into this line of questioning by your own words. I was piqued by the question of "Why driftglass spends so much amperage on Greenwald, of all people." I have little hypotheses, but why not have DG just tell it out loud? And perhaps, DG really is trying to lay it down straight, but it, eg., Greenwald's narcissism, don't, doesn't and do not sound straight to me, because it always, always avoids Greenwald's central complaints. And if you don't address those, then you suck at rationalism. Suckity suk suk suk.

I agree with JM Greer that the Age of Rationalism is dead (or dying, so I'm just asking for one last fling, for old-times' sake.

Damian, Pink No More said...

The detachment continues.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, priceless Compound F, fucking priceless.

Yes Driftglass, why do you bring up Joe McCarthy's vitriol, paranoia, zealotry, and the trail of human wreckage he left in his wake without also giving due to the many "communists" he ruined and the vital work he did policing the left of his era. Where is your humanity and wit as you subject Tailgunner Joe to unbounded smears.

Sincerely Compound F, stop trying so damn hard. I honestly wouldn't have thought to liken Joe McCarthy to Glenn Greenwald and then you bring this awkward segue; high comedy.

-- Nonny Mouse

n1ck said...

Hey, look everybody!

Compound Fuckwit is back to worship (one p!) his hero Saint Glenneth Greenwald through sheer willpower (and a whole lot of non sequiturs)!

Welcome back, Compound Fuckwit!

Also: Droneglass.