Saturday, October 05, 2013

Will No One Rid Me Of These Troublesome Conservatives?

Asks America's most famous Conservative Public Intellectual

Here now, David Brooks -- still on "Book Leave" from his day-job at The New York Times -- faulting Speaker of the House Barack Obama for not controlling his Party:
DAVID BROOKS: ...Now, I concede that most of the blame probably has to go to the Republicans.

But I do not think Barack Obama's off the hook here entirely. I do think, overall, it has been a long-running problem for this administration that they didn't find a way to isolate the Tea Party and work with the other Republicans to create a governing majority, and that still holds.

Now they're going to try to do it, and I hope they do. Maybe they can carry it over into immigration and other things. But it's been a problem for the administration, unable to get -- to separate the small rump group from the rest of the Republicans, who they could have worked with.

In case you ever wondered how a mediocrity like David Brooks gets paid fat stacks, this is how : faithfully regurgitating Beltway talking points.  This time he's horking up the last, backwash-clotted lees of this Summer's runaway Mainstream Media hit, "Why won't Barack Obama fix all this by waving his Enchanted Leadership Wand?": the tragic tale of the *Magical Negro President who could have ensorcelled the GOP into reversing course 180 degrees, growing opposable thumbs, climbing down out of the Stupid Tree and giving up their publicly stated goal of destroying his Administration...

...but refused to do it out of spite.

Or something.

Eventually, Mr. Brooks finally gets around to where he always gets around to: advising President Obama to capitulate to Conservative anarchy and extortion because, um, well, uh...
DAVID BROOKS: If [President Obama] holds back and says, I'm not negotiating until we do the debt ceiling, he's asking the Republicans to give away all their leverage before he starts negotiation. They are not going to do that. So, he more or less has to do that to avoid a...
The real answer to "What the fuck is David Brooks even talking about?" is, of course, the same as it ever is. Mr. Brooks cannot, cannot, cannot admit that his Republican Party and his Conservative Movement is simply doing exactly what it was designed to do -- harness the collective electoral power of fundies, bigots and other dregs of American society and laser-focusing them on annihilating what's left of our democracy -- with impressive efficiency.
DAVID BROOKS: Yes, I would say the big effect is on trust in government.  You know, I think it's the most important statistic, so I quote it all the time. When they ask people, as they have for decades, do you trust government to do the right thing most of the time, if you go through the first half or the first 70 years of the 20th century, 70, 80 percent of Americans trusted the government to do the right thing most of the time.

I don't exactly know what the number is now, but it's not 70 percent. It's probably around 22, 23 percent. And so there's just no trust in government. And this will just amplify and fortify that belief that people think Washington is just screwed up.
Weird how those statistics are always right at Mr. Brooks' fingertips, and yet when he whips them out to prop up one more, baldly ridiculous Both Sides lie, it never occurs to anyone to point out that the plunge in public confidence tracks precisely with A) a whole litany of Republican scandals, high crimes and Constitutional betrayals starting with Watergate, and B) the rise of a huge, well-funded Modern Conservative Movement which flooded the media with the single, unified message that the entire federal government was a vast, Commie/Liberal/America-hating plot to steal your hard-earned money and give it to mooching minorities. take away your guns and make your children gaaaaaay.

Like the rest of his Beltway fraternity, Mr. Brooks cannot admit that Ted Cruz is his bastard child just as they cannot admit that we America-hating Liberals have been 100% right all along as we warned the country that one day these rough wingnut beasts would come slouching out of the Conservative whelping box to destroy this country.

And so we get face saving fairy tales of a President refusing to use his mad cajolomancy skills to get the Republican Party Mr. Brooks helped to create to stop behaving like the monster which Mr. Brooks can no longer stand to look at. 

*From Wikipedia:
The Magical Negro is typically but not always "in some way outwardly or inwardly disabled, either by discrimination, disability or social constraint," often a janitor or prisoner. He has no past; he simply appears one day to help the white protagonist. He usually has some sort of magical power, "rather vaguely defined but not the sort of thing one typically encounters." He is patient and wise, often dispensing various words of wisdom, and is "closer to the earth." The magical negro will also do almost anything, including sacrificing himself, to save the white protagonist, as exemplified in The Defiant Ones by Sidney Poitier, the prototypical Magical Negro movie. 
 The Magical Negro serves as a plot device to help the protagonist get out of trouble, typically through helping the white character recognize his own faults and overcome them. Although he has magical powers, his "magic is ostensibly directed toward helping and enlightening a white male character...


James said...

Is there a phrase, or a word in the dictionary that properly can define all of the contractions inherent in these three words?

Conservative Public Intellectual

Grung_e_Gene said...

Their insanity is showing as they are giddy over the shutdown while at the same time blaming the Kenyan Usurper and Harry Reid for it.

As soon as we default and the farm subsidies and social security stops flow into Teabagger hands then the real fun begins.

Kathleen said...

The Brooksian "logic" is even more ludicrous when you consider how Rethug intransigence is fueled by hatred for Obama because - wait for it - he's blackety black.

Jack said...



RossK said...

You know...

If only Mr. Brooks would hook up with that Sorkin fella they could prolly pretty much fix everything in a Mackity-Macavoyan mashed-lips minute.

It'd be like the Newshour.

Only better, with more cities and romancy-mancing 'n stuff.

('specially if they pasted Mr. Waterston's eyebrows on EJ).


Anonymous said...

Brooks logic:
You failed to stop the reckless vandals from committing vandalism, so it's your fault and not theirs.

Repukes have the accountability of a 4-year old.

Anonymous said...

Most of the blame "probably" goes to Republicans and then what follows is a realpoltick analysis of what Obama should have done ("Don't put baby in a corner")
Why not come up with a plan for Boehner to do something?
Not that this comment matters because feedback hurts David's feelings

steeve said...

" I think it's the most important statistic, so I quote it all the time."

"I don't exactly know what the number is now"

Imagine being so secure in your job that you don't feel any pressure to know your own number one fact. Sure, he could take 0.4 seconds out of any particular day to point at some intern to tell him the thing that matters the most to him in the world, but the difference it would make in his performance review is even less than that.

I would think that someone gifted with an audience of millions would be bursting with energy trying to shape the world. But this doofus spends his whole life anxiously hoping some petty anecdote happens to him so that he can eke out another half week.

Anonymous said...


Many Republicans assume the government is run along the same lines as the military or a corporation. The leadership makes the decisions and then has to rally everyone behind them, even though people often do not want to go along.

For Brooks once great men (of proper upbringing and education of course) make a decision all men of good standing morals rally behind them to the cause. Anything else is just not how things should work. And any vandals, independents, or objectors are made to comply and go along through sheer force of will, charisma, or some other way.

Of course this isn't how shit works in politics. In the military or in business the people who fall in line are institutionalists who believe in the organization or the system even if they think their superiors are a moron. Those who aren't comply in the end due to threat of imprisonment, death, financial ruin, or other extreme penalties.

His problem is that the Republican congress is now lacking in people who believe in the institution or even consider it valid. Furthermore there is no threat that can be made to them, they're completely isolated from any such thing.

At the end of the day Brooks is unable to offer any ideas for dealing with human behavior. As far as he knows great men lead, and normal men submit. If great men just lead harder normal men will submit more. Once this pattern is broken, he's out of his depth.

What makes this even more funny is the real reason Brooks hates the left so much (and this applies to many conservatives) is that hippies never act properly according to great men logic. They were uncontrollable arsonists with no respect for the chain of command and peoples place within it. And we are now in a crazy place where the Democratic party is the institutional party, and the Republican party is full of people who don't know their position in life and won't listen to their betters.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. It's Obama's fault for not "isolating" the so-called Tea Party so he could deal with more reasonable Republicans. There's just this slight, teeny tiny problem that just about every one of those more reasonable Republicans is in thrall to so-called the Tea Party.

boy, is Obama a bad leader!

Anonymous said...

@Geese Howard,

That's interesting -- so you figure that the root of cultural antipathy between the left and right can be boiled down to how the two groups respond to authority?

You might be on to something.

-- Nonny Mouse