Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Trashcan Man

His boss tells him to burn things.

And he does.

Bumpty, bumpty, bump!


Neo Tuxedo said...

M-O-O-N, that spells Tea Party!

D. said...

Ah, yes, Trashy. "Ci-a-bolla!"

(It is one of life's ironies that I read The Stand in the '80s and the full version in the '90s and only heard "Down to the Nightclub" about 7 years ago.)

In any case Trashcan Man (inadvertantly) brought down Randall Flagg and himself, and perhaps his replica can (metaphorically speaking) do the same for his party.

OBS said...

I turned him into Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball. But I like this too.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Captain Trips didn't have a 99.9% communicability rate. The Republicans just shut down the government in order to to stop any attempt to immunize people against the plague...

...'cuz freedom.

Cute graphic, sir.

---Kevin Holsinger

Cirze said...


You've gotten so sublimely good.

And most of the world is missing out.

Now that's a shame.

But not the only one now.

Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so cool to find there are so many S.King fans here. This is an awesome day! (I think the Stand was one of the first King books I read - great fun.)

- mike from CA