Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- UPDATE

The same professional Conservative frauds and hucksters were back, turning a buck lying to the public for the umpteenth straight Sunday in God knows how many years.

The same professional Conservative-enablers were there too, pimping the same, wretched, long-discredited Both Sider lies for the umpteenth straight Sunday in god knows how many years.

Here, for example, Harold Fraud, Junior proves once again that in the face of five-straight years of unified, lockstepping Republican intransigence and sabotage, it is literally impossible for him to stop deep-throating that Big, Throbbing, Profitable, Both Sider lie for even five minutes at a stretch:
And to Kathleen's point, it appears that their forces, Tea Party on one side, perhaps a liberal progressives and liberals on the other, that are stopping us from actually doing each side taking a small step in conceding a little bit. Boehner conceding a little bit with Republicans on some spending and President Obama conceding with Democrats around whether it's ObamaCare or perhaps some spending cuts.
At the other end of the spectrum Dr. Krugman futilely attempted lecture the undead on why being pro-zombie was bad.

This dynamic will never change until every time some paid Wall Streetwalker like Harold Fraud, Junior gets a notion to turn a quick buck wrapping his mouth around another wingnut lie, the memory of how much it scalded last time freaks him out so badly that eventually he embraces the temperance of shutting the fuck up.

Also, the dreadful David Brooks was in a mood to add one more chapter of Massive Revisionism to his Whig Fan Fiction oeuvre on Friday.

If I can hold my lunch down long enough, I'll post about it later.


Charles Pierce reaches the same, full boil at which most of us on the Left have operated for far too long to be healthy:

Welcome to NBC News where the primary qualification for stardom is making sure that Rush Limbaugh doesn't shout loudly enough on the radio about what you're doing for your bosses to hear it.

We have had our fun with the Dancin' Master, but it's past time to recognize that the way he does business is actively hurting the politics of this country and, therefore, thousands of people that he does not know, and would not give a passing glance if he passed them on the street and their heads were on fire. It's not just the smugness, or the fact that his panels generally would not have been out of place in Versailles in 1789. or the resolute determination not to explain what is plainly in front of him. It's the fact that all of this adds up to an deliberately cultivated obliviousness to what's really going on in the country. Get off the veranda on the Vineyard and report something. It started right off on Sunday.
GREGORY: The leader of the Democrats, Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, Senator Durbin, said the following on Saturday. And let me share it with our audience.

MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID: I hope that our talking is some solace to the American people and to the world.

DAVID GREGORY: This is what should pass for progress in Congress in Washington doing its job? That take solace in the fact that you're just talking?
There is one reason and one reason alone why "Congress" is not "doing its job." "Congress," at the moment, is in the complete thrall of the Reign Of The Morons, now entering its third smash week. This is plain to everyone with eyes. This is plain to everyone who doesn't think Paul Ryan to be a visionary, Ted Cruz to be a prophet, or Sarah Palin to be Cathleen ni fking Houlihan. The Republican party, as a perfect manifestation of everything it has been about since at least 1980, has determined to commit vandalism on the American political commonwealth. The Republican party, as a result of everything it has been about since at least 1980, has become fundamentally demented and has taken to screaming in the streets. David Gregory, quite simply, is too much of an abject chickenshit to acknowledge this fundamental reality.
And this, also too:
There is no better example of the willingness of a courtier media to sacrifice expertise to "balance," and actual empirical knowledge to tinpout Beltway celebrity than that one. Peggy Noonan doesn't know enough about economics -- let alone politics, history, or political history -- to throw to a cat. Putting her on a panel with Paul Krugman is like putting Elmo on the National Security Council. Yet this kind of thing happens every week and nothing is produced except intellectual mayonnaise.
For a very long time there has really been no point in going after Conservatives precisely because hacks like Greggers are paid huge sums of money to do what the kids are calling "journalism" these days -- namely veering out into traffic to cut off any meaningful pursuit of the truth the moment anyone starts asking any hard questions about the Right.

Gregory's existence isn't something immutable like the second law of thermodynamics.  He exists because the corporation for which he works has set parameters, he has operated successfully within those parameters, and his colleagues -- especially and most shamefully his colleagues at MSNBC who professes to hate everything Greggers stands for -- have agreeing to look the other way.

It seems to me that a good reporter should be able get someone inside that organization who is appalled at what Greggers gets away with to talk on background about exactly how the machine works.


Brian D. O'Neill said...

The money quote is really at the C&L Link:

DG: As you hear all of this, I want to come back to this one hundred percent point. Is part of the real problem in Washington that you have two sides, who are not interested in really negotiating, but really digging in and saying, look this is truly, a hundred percent the other side’s fault?

In many ways I think that David Gregory is an even worse POS than Rush Limbaugh. At least with El Rushbo, there's no pretense of objectivity. With Gregory we have total moral inversion masquerading as reportage. The government shutdown is a palpable disgrace: a complete abuse of government that really is gun-to-the-head extortion. And this sonofabitch has the unmitigated gall to say the maybe part of the "problem" is that the Dems aren't caving a little bit to blackmail?

How much does this tool get paid a year for mouthing this drool? Is there no one in the NBC news organization that recognizes what a what a complete travesty this man is? Apparently not.

To me DG's kind of false equivalence and enabling is as bad is the Tea Party itself.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Brian: A fellow O'Neill wholeheartedly agrees with your comment. Also, too, I got an email from Bold Progressives with another gem of wisdom from Dancin' Dave today:

Shame on David Gregory. On today's Meet The Press, he said Social Security and Medicare benefits that millions of seniors and veterans depend on "are really cannibalizing the budget."

Here is a link to retweet this message from Bold Progressives:

Shame on Gregory. Not true. MT @neilpX #MTP @DavidGregory slips in "the cannibalization of the budget by entitlements." Sounds like Fox!

Also, in my Sunday GOP Talkpoints, David Ignatius exhorts Obama to "help" Boehner avert a disaster.

I need to start drinking.

Mister Roboto said...

Yep, the whores say what they're paid to say, and never shall they say otherwise. And if they said otherwise by accident, then you can bet they would immediately wash their own mouths out with soap.

JerryB said...

Our only consolation is the knowledge that only a few dozen people are watching and most of those already believe the lie anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm quick to see "Both Sides Do It" since I've been a regular visitor to Driftglass' site. (Dancin' Dave is now chanting it like a mantra. Hilarious.)

Yesterday's NYT has an example (Ross Doubt That) that ANYONE could see, and it was an example of the classic "Wait for it.....wait for it...." since Ross literally spends the whole piece talking about how the GOP has been taken over by bat-shit crazy extremists. (No mention of the fact that it's been 30 years!) He waits until the last paragraph to say "just like the anti-war Democrats in 2004!" and mentions Michael Moore by name. Yeah, Michael Moore is the same as Ted Cruz....Good grief!