Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Republicans Move To Guarantee Their Legacy


As I have been writing for years
we have come to the place
where one can either be a Good American 
or a Good Republican, 
but one can no longer be both.

These are their troops

And this is their Generalissimo


Jack said...

I honestly have to wonder whether Obama needs to just let this happen, let the 'baggers crash the system so that we might finally, once and for all, destroy the GOP and conservatism in this country.

The only problem is I think they could crash the system and get away with it.

If we end up in a depression, 44% of the country would still probably vote GOP, and at at least another 10% would be in the "both sides" camp that can't figure out which side to support until the hour before they vote.

What is a president to do? Sacrifice himself to save the nation from disaster, knowing that in doing so he will be rewarding the GOP's tactics, encouraging more of the same? Or let it all burn so that the nation can see what happens when you put crazy extremists in positions of authority?

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Way off topic, but Slate has a gossipy blurb up to the effect that Greenwald is leaving the Guardian.

FWIW both sides insist that they remain on the best of terms and that everyone is happy.


Mister Roboto said...

Sometimes I wonder if I would have believed thirty years ago when I was just a teenager, that things would ever get this bad and crazy. I probably wouldn't have because I really don't think I could have processed the idea.

marindenver said...

I dunno Jack. But either way it looks like we are all totally fucked. Sorry, America. The "democracy" experiment ran out of gas and totally failed. Oh, unless you already had your millions tucked away. In that case it's "tough luck, suckers!"