Friday, October 04, 2013

Because They're Not Real Jobs, That's Why

A helpful reminder that the Party of Personal Responsibility doesn't give a shit about kicking +900,000 federal workers to the curb or shutting down courts and parks and cancer trials because it has long been Official Wingnut Dogma that those aren't "real" job anyway.

Because a "real" job (as defined by then-RNC Chair Michael Steele) is a job that never, ever ends.

Which is going to come as a very large shock to the tens of millions of Americans who have quit or been fired or laid off or right-sized or outsourced or otherwise displaced into the unemployment line.

Also no one mention this to my Mom, who taught school for +40 years and all the while thought that she had a "real" job too.

Finally, I sure hope Michael Steele isn't try to defraud future employers by listing "RNC Chair" on his resume under "Previous Job Experience". Because given that he got his happy ass canned from that gig back in 2011, no-way no-how does his brief, hilarious stint as the GOP's "Quick!  Get us a black guy too!" table-decoration qualify as a "real" job either.


SadButTrue said...

Jobs are only real if someone who already has WAY more than they need is making a profit from them. This is why it's necessary to privatize everything and replace the armed forces with sub-sub-subcontracting mercenaries. Because everybody knows that there's no point in going from A to B on a public, non-toll road. Why would you if there's no profit in it?

Yastreblyansky said...

Yes and yes but I think the official Republican reason is that government does not create jobs, therefore "government jobs" are imaginary.