Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Irony Gives Up, Moves to Tierra Del Fuego, Joins Convent

None of the grifters this Gorgon names will ever miss a meal, or have to kite a check to cover the rent.
Neither will she.
Neither their books nor hers will ever go unpublished.
Neither their calls nor hers will ever go unreturned.
Neither their bookings on the talk show and lecture circuit nor hers will ever flag.

Whether the world burns or not, they get paid either way.

It's all puppet theater to them.


D. said...

I decided not to watch the video because being turned to stone ruins my morning.

Also, the world contains better-written porn that I'd rather read.

Anonymous said...

From a strictly scientific standpoint this is very interesting. We have now identified how bad things have to get for Ann Fucking Coulter to bail out of the runaway clown car that is her party.

Her attempt to look like a bystander trying to avoid getting freedum-ed into the pavement by the flaming wreck she was riding only yesterday is just the expected** patina of hypocrisy that accompanies this kind of ruse.

-- Nonny Mouse

**expected by some wag somewhere and most of the political tribe he belongs to