Friday, October 04, 2013

GOP Hat Trick


It is worth remembering that in addition to being Ted "Teddy WreckSpin" Cruz's gen-u-ine, imitation, burnt-umber boot-scraper, John of Orange is also third in line to the Presidency.

Which means that, single-handedly, in the space of four years (Final Days of the Bush Era in 2008 - Dawn of the John Boehner Age of Hilarious in 2011), the GOP has fielded the worst President in United States history, the worst Vice President in United States history and the worst Speaker of the House in United States history.

But Banghaaaazi, and drooooones and ACORN so I guess, y'know, Both Sides.

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Anonymous said...


I got a million of 'em!

OK, I got nothing!

Sean "Call me Bill" O'Hannitybaugh