Thursday, October 03, 2013

Days of Future Past, Ctd.

A partial re-post of something written many Springs ago...
This is something we need to treat with dismissal and disdain. “Oh, you mean Kansas Republicans are having another debate about the teaching that the Easter Bunny was the first governor of Pennsylvania?” Kinda pitying, kinda tasteless-retarded-child-joke, kinda sad.

Then push the question off on to the laps of the Lincoln Chafees and Olympia Snows of the world. And keep pushing until you get them to side with superstition or science.

These are YOUR PEOPLE, Moderates? Why aren’t YOU stepping in here? Why aren’t YOU taking a firm stand against what YOUR people are doing? Is it OK with you that we’re going to teach Jack Chick Cartoon Superstitions in place of Science now? Please speak right into the microphone.

The issue isn’t Us vs. the Fundies. Every time we play that game we let the spineless Moderates slink away in the haze of battle. Now we need to grab them by the scruff of their red necks and drag them on stage. This is about the monkeys in the middle – the Ostrich Republicans, Independents and Undecided’s. Those who respond the ever-louder Deranged Chorus being sung out loud and proud by the madmen who run their party and act in their burying their heads ever deeper in the sand.

We can’t convince Fundies to stop being crazy or evil, but we can and should take every opportunity that presents itself to force the Moderates that have crawled in to bed with them to take a good, hard look at the who they’ve been canoodling with.

Want us to stop bugging you? Fine: its very, very easy. Either quit humping the rabid dog, or marry the rabid dog. But you can sure as shit forget about making electoral rabid dog Booty Calls, slinking away before sunrise and thinking that we’re not going to Gary Hart your hypocritical ass.

And lastly, as to why we should even care, I’ll defer to Voltaire: “He who can make you believe an absurdity can make you commit an atrocity.”...
-- driftglass, "Hey Moderates, Flat or Round?", April 20, 2005
Funny story.

As, it turned out that the Great Big Beltway Media "Both Siderism" machine took one look at our noble proposal for holding the GOP to account for the terrible things they do and stomped-stomped-stomped the shit out of it. This resulted in simultaneously rewarding the Shoutycrackers Right by making sure they would never be brought to book for anything ever, and guaranteeing that clowns like David Gregory and David Brooks have jobs-for-life, and telling the alarum-bell-ringing Left in the most unmistakable terms to "Shut Your Fuck Holes, Hippies!"

So win-win-win!

And so, eight years later... (video begins with an ad, after which jump to the 10:30 minute mark when the Both Sides Do It, "I blame both Parties, both houses of government..." magic begins!):

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