Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's Love Got To Do With It?


Wrong Tina.

Tina Brown Departing The Daily Beast

After five years building The Daily Beast, editor in chief Tina Brown announced on Wednesday she is leaving the site to pursue other opportunities. Brown will be launching her own company, Tina Brown Live Media, which will produce live events, including the Women in the World conference. The Daily Beast will remain under the auspices of IAC and be run by managing director Deidre Depke and executive editor John Avlon. “Creating The Daily Beast at the original instigation of Barry Diller in 2008 has given me some of the most exciting and fulfilling years of my professional life,” Brown said. “I am enormously proud of what our brilliant editorial team has achieved at the Beast.”
After laying waste to what was left of Newsweek and building The Daily Beast into the mighty Scrappy Doo edition of The Huffington Post that it is today, Ms. Brown has decided to go looking for new ways to spend Barry Diller's money.

As usual, the Professional Left foresaw this latest Media Seldon Crisis as well as its inevitable solution which will perfectly distill Ms. Brown's sensibilities into two, compact, profitable pages: 


Anonymous said...

If you didn't laugh at that, the terrorists win.

Cirze said...

Most of the money's already left the country you know.

My guess is she's among the last rats leaving the ship.

They don't write much about it rationally but they are very aware of why the Tea Party came into being and what its job is.

Love you guys.

Take care!


marindenver said...

AweSome video. Get so f'ng sick of politics sometimes. Feels good to just listen to Tina. But politics doesn't go away and love, love, love you and Blue Gal for creating spaces to listen to and think (!) about and have that to hang on to. Thanks you guys!