Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Sunday Shows

Will feature the opinions of:
Thomas Friedman
Jeffrey Goldberg
Andrea Mitchell
Hank Paulson
Bob Woodward
Kathleen Parker
John McCain
Cokie Roberts
Paul Gigot
Brit Hume
Bill Kristol
Because someones's minor mistakes should not negatively affect their career.


Anonymous said...

If you were wrong last time, then you're sure to be right this time.

That's balance for you. You cannot measure expertise by how often someone is right. Indeed, we know that the correct answer is always balanced.

For example, I argued with a street preacher today. I know, I know, but sometimes you have to explain to these people that everything they are saying is wrong. When I walk away, a young man tells me I was being too confrontational. I'm not religious he tells me but there could be a god.

See? Now that's balance. The young man tells me that he believes nothing the street preacher says but rather than acknowledge that one side could be almost completely wrong, achieves some touchy feely synthesis of balance.

A marvelous thing really. It allows a TV journalist to tell all kinds of guests that they are at least partially right and not hurt anyone's feelings rather than to offend something by repeatedly telling them that they are batshit crazy.

I told the kid to f*ck off btw

Batocchio said...

Oh, sweet FSM, no.

As Sartre said, "Hell is the Pundits."

Anonymouse said...

Loony Lefty puts on his David Brooks hat and insists that American foreign policy has a remarkable amount of continuity regardless of which party holds the Oval Office. When it comes to gun boat diplomacy, both sides do it.

Cirze said...

So, people are still watching TV?

Only a bad habit now, I think.

Must be broken.



P.S. I only check Dg if I care what happened on the Sunday shows.

Love you guys!

Brian D. O'Neill said...

There isn't a person on this list whom I would willingly listen to for five minutes. With the exception of Hank Paulson, who stands alone in the group as a primo Wall Street whore, each is either (a) a wingnut; (b) a certified media hack; or (c) both.

I can't say that I am surprised by this predictable mouse circus lineup, but I am disgusted by it.