Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

The cure to a bad guy with a microphone is a good guy with a microphone.  David Gregory is the guy in charge of making sure that never happens.

Sunday was an imperial day, here in Central Illinois.  Clear, sparkling, 70s by day and "Good sleepin' weather" by night was suddenly upon us.  Church was a good.  Bikes stood ready, practically quivering like colts anxious for a gallop. Chores were done with windows and doors wide open so our little Hobbit house could breathe the autumnal equinox in and out, runs were made to the grocery, more chores (they do pile up) and then some outdoor grilling with a phalanx of neighborhood kids (led by our youngest) showing up just in time to sit on the deck and admire Blue Gal's proficiency at the knitting art and my mad S'mores-making skills.

Sunday was also a horrid exercise in the worst kind of cynical gasbaggery at the Mouse Circus.   The dregs of humanity (Wayne LaPierre, Bill Kristol, Henry Kissinger, Newton Leroy Gingrich)

were once again given pride of place at the head table of our national dialogue in chairs held out for them by the dregs of Beltway journalism.

No one has yet answered of their own, direct knowledge why, year after year, this keeps happening.  As the saying goes, those that know don't talk, and those that talk don't know, but after seeing the same crimes against reality committed by the same scumbags on the same programs sponsored by the same corporations year after year after year...and having watched those crimes against reality not only go entirely unpunished but get doublethink'd right out of existence by the "journalists" who host these travesties year after year after year...we peons suspect that some combination of back-scratching, bribery and genteel extortion is now pretty much the rule on the Sunday shows.

Disturbingly it also appears to be turning into something of a rule on my Liberal TeeVee.

These days, a few professional writers actually get paid to catalog the unhappy debris at this ugly intersection of commerce, narcissism and fraud and file funny accident reports about it on Monday.


Batocchio said...

It's nice to see a few people remember pertinent history, like Bill Kristol arguing back in the 90s that Republicans should work to screw over their constituents on health care. (And hey, after screwing their constituents over economically in the 80s won them votes, why not?)

blader said...

What is the underlying business model behind bringing this crew back again and again? Especially Newt!, who hasn't been relevant approaching nearly two decades now?

Is this old-tyme sponsored teevee? Are the sponsors filling out the line up card?

Who in their right mind actually views these programs?? (no offense) Or is viewership not the game being played?

There must be a business logic, but it escapes me.

Neo Tuxedo said...

What is the underlying business model behind bringing this crew back again and again?

I didn't see this post on the day it went up, because I was still avoiding the auto-launching Daily Show clips, but if I had, I would've answered, "Probably the same business model that leads to Joel Stein having a career."