Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smart People? Talking? On TeeVee?

Sounds like pure science fiction to me.  
Some fancy-pants speculation about what Crossfire might look like over in the Mirror Universe.


Just a little slice of the arts on television from 30 years ago.

Minor historical note: Mr. Ellison arrived at the set for this interview having just "physically assault[ed] the CEO of Grosset & Dunlap" (his publisher), come to his senses and and run or his life.


Cirze said...


There's that cute Calvin Trillin.

I always thought he was hot.

But really. All of them are hot.

Love you!


Scott Ingram said...

I weep for what has been lost. Wow, is there anything like that on tv these days?

These men are superstars. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.