Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meanwhile, Over at the Department of "Freedom Isn't Free"

Some guy I've never heard of before today was fired from a very good job for being a towering asshat on The Twitter:
Pax Dickinson has been forced to resign as chief technology officer at Business Insider following an online firestorm over his long history of controversial tweets, according to a source who has been in contact with him. Dickinson got in hot water yesterday over his most recent string of tweets about feminism, misogyny, and women in tech.
What has two thumbs and a homophobic, racist, misogynistic, classist worldview? Pax Dickinson. We just noticed this vile Twitter account from Business Insider's chief technology officer today. But he's been at it for awhile.
You know, there was a time when I would have refused to believe that anyone named "Pax Dickinson" exists, but Ewick Ewickson exists and has a very nice job where he gets paid to be loudly and assholishly wrong about things, so, yes, "Pax Dickinson" is probably real.

And I'm not going to lose too much sleep worrying about when Pax Dickinson will land another sweet gig. Because he will. 100% dead-bang guaranteed. Because no matter how much they shit the bed, dude-bros club members who find themselves temporarily "at liberty" always land on their feet thanks to the existence of Wingnut Welfare think tanks like the "Heartland Institute",  white supremacist publications like the National Review and, most importantly, the largess of their their fellow, gainfully-employed dude-bros (People's  Exhibit A:  the professionally unkillable Box Turtle Ben Domenech.)  Which is good because...

Thanks to the Dude-Bro Mutual Aid and Defense Compact, dude-bros like "Pax Dickson" will never the kind of brutally underfunded government programs which are now on the verge of further decimation:
Last week, The New York Times ran a heartbreaking story about hunger in rural Tennessee. Dustin Rigsby, a mechanic and "true Southern man," hunts deer and squirrels to feed his family and eats only one meal a day. Tarnisha Adams, who left her job when she became ill with cancer, relies on $352 a month in food stamps to cover meals for her and three college-age sons. She too eats only one meal a day, "if I eat," she told the Times.
Stories like these are an important reminder that 49 million Americans a year suffer from hunger and food insecurity. And their lives are about to get harder.
The 2009 stimulus bill upped benefit allocations for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, across the country. Those increases are set to expire November 1. The average family will lose between $29 and $36 in benefits each month. And right now, it doesn't look like Congress plans to do much to stop that. If anything, House Republicans would like to see the program slashed even further...
Because dude-bros are doing it for themselves. 

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OBS said...

That is purest essence of shithead dudebro right there.

We'd be better off if everybody with "CTO" as their title were rounded up and shipped off to "explore synergistic alignments" in some alligator-infested swamp somewhere.