Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Listening to Jesse Pinkman's Speech

It occurs to me (and probably only to me) how closely Jesse's legitimate fear of Walter White tracks with the Right's unhinged paranoia about Barack Obama.

Walter is, after all, quite affable.

He's smart.


He's a nice guy with a nice family.

He used to be a teacher.

He lives in the White House.

But what you don't know -- what no one but we few Liberty Lovers can perceive -- is that, secretly, he's The Devil. He does all these terrible things and gets away with it. Breaks the law.  And gets away with it. Destroys lives.  And gets away with it.  Kills people. And gets away with it.

And just when you think you have built a perfect trap for this monster -- ACORN, Benghaaaaazi, IRA, Death Panels, Birth Certificate -- he will somehow use his devil powers to reverse everything and trap you instead.

And the reason we're all shoutycrackers is that no one can see it -- no one can see the real-real -- but us.


DoubleCinco said...

In "The Butler" when cracker boy shoots the man in the field and it is the 1920's, not 1863, I saw all the crackers who are in this era buying ammo, cleaning out entire stocks, still today.

The neo-confed-e-rats are in survival mode psychologically as they are sore afraid that without the darkies to look down upon people will actually see where lies the trash on the bottom.

Anxiety is the fuel of paranoia and modernity cannot be stopped forever. Do ya kennit, sai?

On the side: when I saw little billy kristol on with little dave gregory last Sunday I thought, OK this is not just about the sock-puppet, but about more than can be seen. Doya think so?

Lumpy Lang said...

Obama's not the devil.

He's the leader of a system - which is in turn subordinate to an extremely complex network over financial, military and political interests.

The role of elected leaders is for the most part secondary and largely cosmetic... valuable in allowing people like Droneglass and his followers to hold on to their touching faith in 'democracy'.

Anonymous said...

Lumpy Lang is correct. There has been no change in the secret government simply because of elections. The secret government does not leave office when a president changes.

Lumpy Lang said...

It's no secret. It's called 'the state'.

Anonymous said...

Eat your OETS, then.

Jack said...

"He lives in the White House."

Heh... :-D