Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kochbaggers Heart Teddy WreckSpin

The Sane Universe sees "Teddy WreckSpin" like so:
The True Believers see something entirely different:
Cruz is 100% willing to deliberately toe the GOP party bus into a retaining wall at 160 mph, then climb out of the wreckage and into a presidential bid over the crispy remains of his potential future adversaries who went up in smoke because they were Just Not Conservative Enough!

He is Republicanism Perfected.


Demian said...

Y'know, he does look a lot like Joe McCarthy …

Jack said...

Wow. Those two videos that autoplay every time I visit are like a sledgehammer to the head. Wow!

Gotta remember to turn down my speakers before I visit, and start the mad scroll down down down down down down the page looking for the videos so I can KILL the damn things!

Is there any way you can stop them from autoplaying?

driftglass said...


Which two videos? Nothing autoplays when I browse my site.

Anonymous said...


You should check out the Matthews MSNBC segment of Steve Schmidt appologizing for Palin, epic.

Anonymous said...

oh and @drift

You've had a few that do it with me as well, namely the Daily Show one. Nuking my cache cleared it up. But there's something with your site where some cached videos keep auto playing.

I'd give you advice but I'm in netadmin/security/CISCO land, not webdev.

Anonymous said...

Jack & DG,

Personally, I think it's an issue with the latest version of Flash. Since I have updated, I have had issues with advertisements auto-playing in Firefox. I don't see that here, though.

Jack, check your plug-ins. Make sure you don't have one of the newer add-ware programs that adds advertisements in-line. I got one of those from PDF Forge.


driftglass said...

Turns out ever since President Worse Than Boosh and John Oliver broke The Daily Show, Comedy Central videos have been autoplaying for no explicable reason.

So I pulled the videos.

Thanks a lot Obama!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

my favorite thing is that the Freedomworks splash completely blows the meme, not even following the graphic convention.

Also, what is that black thing at the top? Is that supposed to be a cannon? Cuz it's floating around loose....

blader said...


a cannon.

because these are the same fuckers who wander into the Ames IA Starbucks with an AR15 strapped over their shoulders, because one never knows when a Mogadishu might suddenly break out

fitley said...

Graffiti in a Congress bathroom stall:

Here I sit
broken hearted
I called it a filibuster
And only farted