Friday, September 13, 2013

For Some Nefarious Reason

Charles Pierce refuses to admit that Both Sides are equally awful:
The Democratic party has been derelict in so many areas over the last 30 years that listing them all would take us well past the four o'clock NFL games on Sunday. But one of the primary areas has been the Democratic party's curious reluctance to make the Republican party pay the fearsome price it ought to pay for having become, root and branch, utterly demented. Since this country has decided, through decisions large and small, to have only two major political parties, when one of them sails gleefully around the bend, it is the solemn and vitally important obligation of the opposition to beat the crazy out of that party until it comes back to the pack. There has to be some serious political price to be paid for allowing people like Jim Infofe and Steve King to become persons of actual influence. There has to be some serious political price to be paid for the OCD regarding the Affordable Care Act. There has to be some serious political price to be paid for one party's refusal to help govern the country simply because said party is walking around with a rubber nose, floppy shoes, and a bird on its head. The Democratic party has been negligent in the extreme in its duty in these regards.

Until now.

This is something of a chance. John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has come to Democratic politicians to ask for their help because enough members of his caucus are insane enough to send the national economy hurtling over a cliff rather than admit that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. (Passed by Congress, Signed by the President. Upheld by the Supreme Court. That's the Civics Class Slam, children.) Witness the twist in this cluck's Underoos:
"Obamacare is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed in Congress," said Representative John Fleming, Republican of Louisiana. "It is the most existential threat to our economy" that the country has seen "since the Great Depression, so I think a little bit of additional deficit is nothing," he added.
This kind of raving lunacy was the driving force behind the 2010 midterms through which John Boehner got his job. Appeasing this kind of raising lunacy is the means through which John Boehner keeps his job. He knows it. They know it. The Democrats know it. So here's what the latter should do.


It is not -- repeat, not -- the responsibility of any Democrat to bail out John Boehner simply because he has a caucus full of flying monkeys. It was the responsibility of the Republican party, and of the people who vote for it, to turn off the Crazy spigot...

Never gonna get a People's Libertarian Unicorn Salvation Front 3rd party off the ground with pundits spouting Obot hooey like  this.


steeve said...

You don't need to destroy both parties to get a third party. You only need to destroy one.

Anonymous said...

Roughly, both parties have a corporate wing and an ideological wing, with lots of overlap. Beyond that there is not much to compare. The Dem's "far left" wing is actually a little concerned about the rest of us, and tries to work with the other side, to the extent this is possible.
The Repub's far right wing, OTOH, are getting their guns and upscale bunkers ready.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It was the responsibility of the Republican party, and of the people who vote for it, to turn off the Crazy spigot...

too late, they plugged the drain and broke off the handle.

The problem is that apartment below is going to get flooded also, and those nice, normal people really don't deserve that.

Lumpy Lang said...

And this is the way the game is played.

The crazier and further out the teaparty Republicans appear, the further rightwards the corporate "center left" is free to shift; the fewer actual concessions need to be made to the working class, black people, women, immigrants et al. who voted Democrat.

Until the one and only 'benefit' the corporate Dems and their shills need to offer 'their' constituency is 'Hey, at least they're NOT the batshit crazy ones... So shut up and take whatever WE dish out.'

Anonymous said...

The problem is, there are many on the left who want the party to be destroyed to be the Democrats. They think the Democrats have become weak simpering lackeys of corporations, and if we let the Democrats collapse, "the people" will witness the horrors of modern movement conservatism, rise up, all shart magic unicorns in unison, and ride them to a third party.

The problem is, given the slightest advantage, conservatives will effectively outlaw voting for all but old white people and the wealthy (and I work with people who think this is a good idea), destroy the social safety nets so people will be too desperate for food to worry about politics, and dump enough industrial waste into the land and water that people will be too sick to act (and healthcare will be a luxury of the rich).

To Anonymous 1:37,

You cannot disregard the fundamentalist wing of conservatism. This is the wing that believes reality is faith based, so climate change and evolution are wrong because they say so, and Reaganomics and segregation are blessed by God because they say so. This is a wing of the party that brings an unwavering belief and unshakable faith in everything that is wrong, and a justification for hatred, bigotry, and violence because of "God's will".


Compound F said...

Just hold your breath for the Democrats until you're blue.

Yet again, DeeGee fails to grasp the systemic aspects of our political problems. No worries. Plenty of time to cotton on. All the time in the world.

n1ck said...

Yes, Compound Fuckwit.

The Democrats, being less terrible as the Republicans, are the problem.

Vote Ron or Rand Paul, amirite?!?

Get a fucking clue, teabagger.

kfreed said...

"People's Libertarian Unicorn Salvation Front 3rd party"

ROFLMAO. Yeah, man.

Henceforth we shall refer to the far left/far right alliance thusly.

Anonymous said...


As I have said before, I would rather deal with a corrupt party that is not beholden to the likes of the Klan, Aryan Nation, Westboro Baptist, or Focus on the Family. There is a massive difference between a selfish old fartknocker who thinks they are entitled to all the wealth, and a selfish old fartknocker who thinks is acceptable in politics to tell his/her base that violence towards "those" people and putting them on reservations is acceptable.

I've never had a Democrat tell me to my face that killing me on the spot would make Baby Jesus up in Heaven smile upon the world. For that matter, while I have heard Democrats be slow to help others, I've never heard a Democrat in the past decade describe social policy or poverty or AIDS as "cleansing undesirables".


kfreed2 said...


"The Dem's "far left" wing is actually a little concerned about the rest of us, and tries to work with the other side"

Unfortunately, what you consider the "other side" is the side wearing the rubber noses and floppy shoes, thanks to this guy:

blader said...

The tea party (libertarians) already destroyed the republican party, Steve.

The third party has already set up shop.