Tuesday, August 13, 2013

S0C7ish Things Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

After stopping to burnish his "But Liberals Are Assholes Too" credentials -- 
Is there a point at which a “movement” actually hits bottom? You know: like an addict? My only true experience with this was observing the British left in the 1970s and 1980s, reacting to the tectonic shift toward less state control in Britain and America. Instead of examining their own biases, challenging their own assumptions and thinking constructively about policy, they simply began talking to each other, split into factions, and, with each passing day, they got loopier and loopier. American liberalism had a less surreal intellectual collapse as well – degenerating into interest group leftism, as Reagan re-made the polity.
-- Mr. Sullivan picks over the shambling monsters that four decades of Wingnut Gigantomachy has left in its wake using tools and language we Liberal Assholes were using decades ago:
Reading the current conservative press (with the obvious exception of The American Conservative), it’s hard not to see the parallels. What was once Joe-Farah-style looniness is now mainstreamed; Newsmax is all over NRO; David Brooks’ idea of a revived version of early neo-conservatism is almost poignant in its level of denial. There appears to be nothing ever too far to the right, and the fervor of the true believers increasingly eclipses the worries of the doubters. Reading conservatives like Pete Wehner or David Brooks feels worthy but irrelevant. Watching conservatives like George Will and Charles Krauthammer effectively go over the cliff with the party is just dismaying. Seeing Peggy Noonan morph into Michelle Malkin may be entertaining in its incoherence, but it’s still not good for the republic.
As I have documented several times already, since David Brooks occupies a higher tier of the same Ponzi Scheme chain that Andrew Sullivan is working, you can pretty much forget about Mr. Sullivan ever cutting Bobo loose altogether.

That said, I will simply repeat my previous (and oft repeated) observation that:
...Mr. Sullivan still hasn't learned to form his mouth to shape the word "Liberal" in any way that is not dripping with contempt.

Well, whether he ever finds the guts to apologize to his betters, the devil baby he helped sire is a full grown monster now, and it's coming for all of us.

Obviously the only viable solution is to squat in the highest branches of the tallest trees and bitch about how equally awful both sides are as, far below, Conservatism tramples the poor, the weak, the sick, the aged, the outcast and the dispossessed into penury and misery and early graves.
For you Big Iron-heads, a "S0C7" is a mainframe computer ABEND (Abnormal Ending) code. Nine times out of ten, mainframes shut down the offending programs and return this code (along with several hundred pages of hexidecimal upchuck) to tell the programmer that some dumbass has tried to stick data into field where it 
A) did not belong, and 
B) has caused everything else to come to a screeching halt.
Conservatism has lightspeed devolved into a dead-eyed, bloodthirsty zombie for "Garbage In/Garbage Out" reasons that we Asshole Liberals were warning about long ago but which Famous Conservative Pubic Intellectuals like Mr. Sullivan remain incapable to fathoming.  

Which has got to be a little embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

I've said for decades that one of the reasons movement conservatism was so eager to embrace Christian Fundamentalists (the Christopaths) is because they are conditioned to believe in a hierarchical faith-based reality.^* This is a group to whom you can tell "Noah had dinosaurs on the ark, climatology is junk science, and Democrats are atheists who worship Satan!", and they will then bellow it from the tops of their trailers. This is a mindset they wanted infused in their base.

^* I know a more pragmatic reason the Values Voters Coalition appeared *one* presidential election cycle after the Southern Strategy is that racism was always defended from the pulpit, and so they had to drag the pulpit along with the racists.