Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Hero, Just For One Day

Of the 1,400 posts I have written since January, 2008, this was the only time members of the Outrage Caucus were ever remotely interested in anything I had to say about anything.

From Corrente Wire, December 2010:
Chicago blogger driftglass gives up on Obama.
And for a moment across these internets I was famous: greeted in indignation chorus comment sections throughout the land as beloved lodge-brother because I had finally abandoned that Worse-Than-Bush-Cubed monster and become Of The Body!

And you wonder why these people make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Lambert is an asshole therefore all progressives are assholes. Or maybe all progressives are Lambert. I'm not sure how it works, but it makes sense, right?

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Glass is just working that hyperbole dollar, anon.

Jack said...

As far as I can tell, Driftglass wasn't talking about "progressives." I'm pretty sure he would call himself a progressive. If you read carefully, you'll see he was talking about the "Outrage Caucus." That's not a synonym for "progressive."

As for that blog - Corrente Wire - I was only dimly aware it existed, but followed the link and checked it out. Wow. Lots of crazy over there! I really hadn't realized the extent to which these people are just like Fox News, but on the left. They're so into their own bubble and so insulated from criticism or dissent that they can just make up whatever they want, each ridiculous claim attempting to outdo the one before it.

Want to see any example? Here's a video from TYT offshoot Townsquare. It pains me to link to this because it includes John Fugelsang, who I absolutely love, but even he gets carried away by the capital C Crazy in this segment:

What's the REAL reason the US is attacking Syria??

You know, as in "dun dun DUN!!!!"

They just spew fact-free, made-up nonsense from start to finish. It's a parade of baseless claims and wild speculation.

This really is the mirror image of Fox News: so crazy and so untethered to reality that they will say just *anything.*

Jack said...

Oh, damn, forgot the link. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, one of the 50 greatest conservative rock songs according to the National Review