Sunday, August 04, 2013

Meet Your New Doctor

This clip is profoundly Not Safe for Work.

From USA Today:
And the sonic screwdriver goes to Peter Capaldi.

The Scottish actor was named the new star of the British sci-fi franchise Doctor Who on Sunday during a live broadcast on BBC America. He will replace the departing Matt Smith, whose time in the time-traveling police box the TARDIS ends later this year.

"It's so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer," said Capaldi, a lifelong fan of the show. "I haven't played Doctor Who since I was 9 on the playground."
So fuckity-bye to Doctor 11.
And welcome to the party Doctor 12.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Say what you will, he's got a formidable task ahead of him to equal the manic-panic debut performance of Matt Smith.

Unsalted Sinner said...

It'll be interesting to see a more mature doctor--sort of a return to the early doctors of the 70s and 80s. And Capaldi is excellent.

CZEdwards said...

I don't mind Matt Smith, but I am entirely done with Moffett. Peter Capaldi is a great choice who can certainly act through Moffett's uneven writing, deep sexism, poor continuity and phlebotinum addiction.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason somebody shoulda kicked the living shit out of Muybridge and the shit-stupid who claim his legacy. (Hitchcock, Kubrick, Truffaut, Spielberg, Lucas...) My god, cinema is so fucking DUMB from the get-go. How does anybody pretend they find pleasure in this tedium?

Anonymous said...

@Anon My God, you're fucking dumb from the get-go. You've probably never even WATCHED any of those director's films except the last two. There's a lot of bad writing in literature, but it doesn't mean people have stopped reading it or stopped trying to make it better or not try new things! And finally: what the fuck are you even remotely talking about? You trollin'?

Cliff said...

And another thing! Visual arts have been absolute bullshit since the Lascaux cave paintings, and everyone who picks up a brush or a pen should have their thumbs broken!

And don't even get me started on music. Throw 'em all in the sea, I say, and go back to barking at the moon!

Anonymous said...

Driftglass IS Blogger Who. :)

---Kevin Holsinger

Strider said...


Anonymous said...

Discussions like this make me wish I understood enough about Dr. Who to participate.

Unfortunately that would require me to watch Dr. Who in the first place, so the price is just too high to pay.

-- Nonny Mouse

Jenonymous said...

You know, I am SO SO glad about this development. I LOVED teh first "new" Doctor. And I fucking HATE David Tenant in the role, or hated him for the first few seasosn--he reminded me of a twitchy waiter at an upscale restaurant. NO gravitas. Matt Smith is just TOO FUCKING YOUNG and NEVER should have been given the role. WTF are they gonna cast next, a fucking fetus?

A good friend of mine once seriously suggested Amy Winehouse as the next Doctor.

I just hope that this Doctor is insanely foul-mouthed and kills more people.

Oh yeah, and this: