Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conversations About Race, Ctd.


In which Wonkette reports that the White Man's Burden has gotten so damn burdeny that we simply must, well, see for yourself...


We’ve seen a lot of racist nonsense in our time, but this contribution from the Daily Caller and Major General US Army Jerry Curry Retired Thank Goodness is truly special, a diamond-encrusted nuclear butt plug of are-you-even-serious-dude that makes us wonder if Jerry Curry, who served semi-prominently under Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr., is feeling okay. Because holy. fucking. shit (emphasis ours):
The question is can [black] families and communities ever be reconstituted again, and do we have a sufficient number of black leaders who can and are able to shoulder the vision and burdens of a Martin Luther King, Jr.? Can Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton do it? If the answer is no, and I believe it is, then America’s white leadership will have to get rid of them and select their replacements.
Why don’t I suggest that Black Democrats select the replacements? Because Black Democrats are fine for house work, but not for doing heavy lifting. Name one that has put forward a meaningful call to action with a plan to restore the black family and community.
We, uh… but like… no way, right? There is no actual way that a man who could write these words and mean them ever served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Carter, Acting Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense under Reagan, and Administrator of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration under Bush Sr...
Perhaps some form of camp or reservation system is in order?

Y'know, just to make the White Leadership's benevolent administration of the lives of bleh people that much more efficient and, uh, benevolent.


Carmelo Clandestine said...

I looked up Curry. While his birth year is not given, the article said he graduated from high school in 1950. Assuming he was 17 or 18 at that time, he would be 80 or 81 now.

The early stages of Alzheimer's, perhaps?

Meanwhile, "The Nuclear Butt Plugs" would be a great name for a punk rock band.

Anonymous said...

"Curry previously published an opinion piece for Guns and Gear that theorized the Obama administration was purchasing large amounts of ammunition to prepare for the mass killing of United States citizens."

Has the General mastered a computer to transmit these epic screeds, or are they being transcribed from the original feces based wall inscriptions?

marindenver said...

It is telling that his screed was published in the Daily Caller. Although I wouldn't have been much surprised to see it at NRO either.

Don P said...

Tucker Carlson -- still looking for a career since John Stewart.

I mean, he's an heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune, he doesn't need the cash. He must just do it because he likes it.

Lumpy Lang said...

The early stages of Alzheimer's, perhaps?

What's the problem? He's just one of those brave but unfairly reviled individuals... You know - the kind who blame Trayvon Martin for his own murder.