Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pfc. Chelsea Manning's Sexual Identity Is

None of my business.


Anonymous said...

A pretty good cudgel for the right-wingers to beat him with.

I haven't been paying close attention to them lately. Have they started using Manning's orientation as a way of defending DADT yet?

-- Nonny Mouse

Lumpy Lang said...

...none of Droneglass' business - but his contemptible liberal boot-licking agenda in this post is clear enough.

He doesn't NEED the A-1 Sauce - he apparently likes the taste just as is.

mahakal said...
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zombie rotten mcdonald said...


I do, however, hope that the people in charge of her incarceration allow her to pursue it in whatever ways available.

Pinkamena Panic said...

Why even bother posting? The hatemongers will hate you regardless.

mahakal said...

Chelsea has chosen to go public with her sexual identity. So it is "our business" in the sense that we should respect her chosen name and support her gender reassignment.

Saying it is "none of our business" is too much like Don't Ask, Don't Tell. No putting this in the closet or hiding it away and saying we don't care what people do behind closed doors, when they choose to "out" themselves as who they are.

driftglass said...

Pinkamena Panic,

I write what I choose. If the prattling of emotionally unstable goofs bothered me, I'd have stopped blogging in 2005.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Great graphic, though, DG.

prattling of emotionally unstable goofs

Present! :)

I do, however, have to congratulate mahakal in the high wire performance of agreeing with the OP, agreeing with me, and then disagreeing with the OP.

Lumpy's post suffers from sequel disorder though. Too many tropes and cliches in too short a time. D-.

As an aside--I am always amused at how many people, at any random blog, are critical in the vein of "if only you blogged THIS way". Gosh, if only there was a way for all these folks to surmount the UNBELIEVABLE OBSTACLES to starting a blog, so they could present the Best Blog Evah!.

Of course, it could wind up like a blog of one of our compatriots, that petered out with nobody paying attention. Shame, that.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I write what I choose

Well written and terse. Reminds me of a David Byrne quote, when he was asked whether Talking Heads were derivative, "we steal from what we like".

People who create have no need to apologize to critics for their sources or their choices.

And critics are perfectly free to create their own blogs/paintings/art/life. Odd how they never do so. Tearing down is so much easier and remunerative.

I will clarify a point I made earlier. I am an architect. I have done work that has helped improve the city I live in. I have worked for several firms as a designer, and am now working solo. I have suffered through the Great Unpleasantness, although have been carried through by repeat clients who respect my abilities, as well as the funding provided by ARRA.

But the offices I have worked; after I left, I chuckle to see them repeating designs that I created. I see other architects in the city ape some of the things I do. Because, I know that I am able to create and have no need to mimic.

Oh, don't get me wrong; I recognize that what I do is based on the designers that came before. But I also know that I have the tools to work in new ways, to use new technologies. Using modern construction realities to create new buildings and forms is exhilarating.

Critics, trolls, and snarkmeisters can't do that. They are by nature reactionary, in that they can't do a damn thing until someone else does something first.

So, even though I disagree with you at times, DG, I encourage you to not listen to people who think they know the proper way to blog. Even when it's me. Go on being a First Actioner. Go on being a Creator, in the actual nature of the term, not the Randian version.

If I was REALLY an asshole, I would link to a song by Jefferson Starship.

But I won't do that.

mahakal said...

The problem of context here is that one never knows what comments are ahead in the queue. My original comment was too terse and had nothing to do with what the commenters above said.

driftglass said...

It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

mahakal said...

It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

Sorry if I am a poor workman of words compared to yourself, but the point I was making and restated stands, however much ignored.

Jack said...

Your initial post in this thread was just deliberately obtuse: you are deliberately misconstruing Drifty's point. He was obviously saying that Manning should be free to be whomever she wants to be, and we should not judge. It was an expression of tolerance. If you didn't get that, you don't get Driftglass. You are simply wrong to say that he advocates "putting this in the closet or hiding it away."

If you were not so desperate to score points, you would aim for such cheap ones that depend on willful misreading.

Here's a tip: If the point you're making seems strained even to you, your most sympathetic audience, imagine how strained it sounds to everyone else.

Jack said...

(...would *not* aim for such cheap ones...)

Apologies for the mistake.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Government: We own your ass for 35 years.

Manning: Good, then make sure you take care of me.

Let's see, carry the the updated score is
Manning 235,000.
U.S. Government 0.

Nice job,5v mindlin Chelsea, keep 'em coming!

kfreed said...

Thank you.

marindenver said...

Yes, thank you. Bradley Manning is a confused young man but wielding a cudgel at him over his sexual orientation is just not going to help the situation. I feel for him - he screwed up pretty royally, but he's the same age as my younger children (who have been known to screw up too) so I do feel for the kid.