Wednesday, July 03, 2013

MSNBC Now Losing Ratings Race to ACN

From "Business Insider":
MSNBC Just Had Its Most Dreadful Ratings Period In 6 Years

Despite a heavy period of news that included the Boston Marathon bombings and the Jodi Arias trial, MSNBC's second-quarter ratings plunged to their lowest level since 2007.

In primetime, MSNBC drew an average of 584,000 total viewers and 196,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demographic. Those numbers were down 16% and 12%, respectively, from the second quarter of 2012. And they accounted for quarter lows not seen since the fourth and second quarters of 2007, respectively.

Maybe if we toned down the wall-to-wall Zimmerman coverage just a skosh?

Perhaps just a tick or two below the point where it feels as if they are trying force-feed their audience every microscopic trial wrinkle and tic like a foie gras goose?


Anonymous said...

I dunno. Part of me says "so what"?, considering the fact that Sean and Rush get GREAT ratings, it doesn't mean the programming is intrinsically good.

Then the other part of me says "Al Sharpton? Really?"

So's hard to care.

steeve said...

I don't watch MSNBC because I know that the news that truly matters will be the same until most of the republicans are dead.

Still, I thought that a cable news channel that sucks ass and is wrong most of the time would rate higher than the cable news channels that suck ass and are wrong all of the time.

Between CNN and a good liberal channel is a bad liberal channel. If the bad liberal channel can't make money, we can't get to the good liberal channel.

Anonymous said...

"Those numbers were down 16% and 12%, respectively, from the second quarter of 2012".
How come when I see these news channel ratings stories, I never hear anyone ask the question: "What exactly was going on in the second quarter of 2012?"
In retail, this would be the "Oh shit, that was the quarter where everyone got that huge tax rebate check...!"