Saturday, July 27, 2013

Imagine If This

Is what Sunday Morning public interest teevee looked like?


D. said...

The networks neutered their news departments long ago, and everyone else chases the money.

Besides, humans invariably chase the distraction to the detriment of the important. And then we argue with each other about minutiae.

It must be one of those mornings.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

now you're just being silly.

Jenonymous said...

Oooh! Tooo many big words for the average American these days!

Drifty, I think we need to forcibly recruit LowerManhattanite and MAKE him do some of his amazing mashups to get the word out.

Any way we can set this video to a monster truck rally?

If not, alas, it will never make it in front of most of America's stupid eyeballs.

Anonymous said...

I can remember watching
"Firing Line" on sunday mornings.
I hated Buckley, but he would get the most amazing guests. I bet Huxley even made an appearance.
Of course, that was when MTP had an actual revolving panel of journaists, grilling actual people of importance as well..
After reading a newspaper everyday since childhood, I recently stopped my subscription to the last one.
The local and state papers where I live are both republican bird cage liners, and even the wire stuff they carry is usually just day old AP leavings...and the AP has turned into a ....well I won't even bother with that.
Getting real news or even conversation with people on Huxley's level, has become a never ending internet easter egg hunt.
Page View World

BlindRobin said...

As predicted by Mr. Huxley those days are gone now. The key is, as he mentions, education, or more to the point who is educating who and how. The beliefs with which we are indoctrinated in our youth are those most tightly held as we are, all of us, reluctant to admit not only our own fallibility but that of those we trusted and admired from whom we have learned our lessons.