Friday, June 07, 2013

The Cracker Factory, Ctd.

Big Time Hollywood Actor and one of America's most cartoonishly unmoored Conservative goofs -- Mr. Nick Searcy -- continues to get all shoutycrackers at me on The Twitter while continuing to block me on The Twitter.
  1. Checked the hate shrine erected in your honor. Reads like something a clown retched up on the intarwebs @yesnicksearcy @Mr_Electrico

When you have accomplished so little in your life,there is no one to chronicle your nothingness except yourself. @_DWRobinson @Mr_Electrico
Because, damn it, that's what heroes do!


watchdog said...

I just have to ask;
Who the hell is Nick Searcy anyway?
What has he actually done that makes him worth listening to?
I suppose I could look him up on the Google, but he doesnt sound important enough for me to bother typing his name again.
The screen shot of his icon sugests that he wants to be the Punisher, in other words, a comic book character.
The fact that he blocked you from conversing with him and making too much sense while he continues to battle the straw-man version of you suggests that he's a coward as well.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

He's an actor, right?

So why aren't we entitled to demand that he just shut up and act?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I wouldn't call it a Hate Shrine.

More of a Little Plastic Dashboad Bobble-Head-Dog of Mockery.

Lawrence said...

His IMDB page is not so impressive. Better career than Victoria Jackson. Not as good as Kevin Sorbo. Probably a draw with Kirk Cameron. Searcy has done more, but Cameron is a real draw for the christopath freaks.

JerryB said...

Sterling Hayden rocks. Nick Searcy not so much.

ad astra said...

He is terrific on Justified, so I was pretty distressed to find out he's a dick.