Wednesday, June 19, 2013

R.I.P. James Gandolfini

Not bad for a guy his size.

He also made a very fine Lieutenant General in "In The Loop". It's not everyone who can go toe-to-toe with Peter Capaldi in full Malcolm Tucker mode:


Anonymous said...

Bad news. The Sopranos was really the re-birth , or maybe the birth, of quality television. A movie every week. Quantum leaps above the competition....and Gandolfini made the role. Can't imagine anyone else playing it.
He escaped stereotype and played against it in many other roles. Really an amazing talent...and was apparently a really warm generous person in life.
Same age as me, I thought he would be around for a long time...maybe long enough to reprise the role in a movie.
Crap...bad day.
Just sucks...

marindenver said...

Yeah, bad news. Really just assumed he'd be around for a lot longer. Long enough, at least, to make that Soprano's follow-up movie. Or something else for us to remember him by. RIP James/Tony. You were a terrific actor. We really weren't ready to let you go just yet.

Anonymous said...

It's true that Gandolfini did a great job as Tony Soprano but he'll always be remembered for his love of "post-coital Krispy Kremes".