Friday, June 21, 2013

John Cusack Explains The Gentle Art

of breaking a multi-part story:
"The making of a great scandal story, like Watergate, that takes ages longer than it might seem..."


Suzan said...


The greatest scene in movie history (IMNHO) - "there're a lotta rules"!

And you know how much I love JC.

A lot like I love you (and BG)!

Have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

What kind of stupid likes a movie?

Compound F said...

what, now greenwald blew his wad too early in the compilation? I need index cards to keep track of your multi-faceted and ever-evolving complaints. It's almost like you're just making up stuff on the fly, throwing spaghetti at the wall. And herein lies the weakness of your (often compelling) writing style: when it fails to elicit and entrain emotions (due to the cognitive dissonance of content out-competing emotion), no additional amount of the same technique can retrieve the reader; quite the opposite; it then becomes the technique itself that is reviled; doubling, tripling, quadrupling down doesn't help; you might as well just skip throwing them any life preserver of the sort and plunge them underwater with an oar.

Anonymous said...

yeah, how dare Driftglass evolve?

Compound F said...

Nothing against evolution; wish I'd done more of it myself; indeed, now feels like a good time to end my little tirades against DG's medium-sized tirades against GG's big tirades and look for a more productive niche on the rapidly changing adaptive landscape, because this evolutionary cul de sac ain't the kind of place to raise yer kids.

Anonymous said...

Compounding Error

So you generated that unreadable word wall for a 1 minute video clip with a one sentence quote?
Do they let you go outside, once in awhile, in whatever institution you currently reside?
If so...avail yourself of the privilege! Take the pills in the cup and then... go get some air!..because you are sucking up way too much of it around here.
Sharing your projection disorder with us all day after day, may be therapeutic for you, but its frankly more information about you than anyone wants to know....

mahakal said...

I think you're overreacting to a movie clip, CF. If you're on that much of a hair trigger, maybe it's good to take a break.