Monday, June 24, 2013

First They Came For Howie Kurtz...

Nobody does unintentional funny better than The Breitbart Collective:
When it comes to protecting President Obama and the left-wing agenda, we have seen the media turn against its own before. Bob Woodward felt the wrath of his colleagues after popping the balloon of Obama's dishonest sequester narrative; and after numerous errors, the one that almost finally did Howard Kurtz in was the one aimed at the media's politically correct sacred cow of the week. Now it looks to be Glenn Greenwald's turn.

If the media truly are concerned with bias and wrongdoing within its own ranks, how about the fact that NBC News has now been caught seven times selectively editing photos, audio, and video -- and always in a way that either benefits Obama or the left's latest narrative rampage.

As of yet, though, we have seen no unified media outrage against NBC.

No, for some reason that unified outrage is always saved for the Woodwards, Kurtzs, and Greenwalds -- those who dare challenge Obama, or anything else the left consider precious.
Like Fox News and Hate Radio, the Breitbart Collective is another of Conservatism's Philosopher Stones, reliably transforming any random sack of rotting leftovers into Still More Proof Of !The!Great!Big!Liberal!Media!Conspiracy!

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Anonymous said...

"Mistah Kurtz—he dead."

watchdog said...

I just love how a group with zero credibility will link back to themselves in their articles as if that proves the lies they are spreading. I also found the projection they were spreading about NBC allegedly editing video to be slightly amusing.
Self-awareness is non-existent amongst these CHUDs.