Friday, May 10, 2013

I Was Unaware

That we are "occupying" Libya.

I am aware that when you have basically one issue and a hard-on to hang it on anything that moves, everything from a Rand Paul filibuster to the GOP's Whitewater Benghazi fetish looks like Christmas morning.


JerryB said...

Sorry, I couldn't watch the video. Cenk is just too much for me.

marindenver said...

Sheesh, Cenk, GG & Sirota all sitting together and talking about Obama? The farting sounds almost obliterated the mouth noises.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Greenwald is a Ratfucker.

He's spent years promoting Ron Paul and Rand Paul and isn't nor has ever been a liberal.

GG is a libertarian Republican who loathes Democrats with a white hot passion.

His cult followers recite the talking point that he opposed Bush (after he supported him) as proof that he should be trusted by the left.

GG is a libertarian who spends every day and every appearance and every column Ratfucking the shit out of the Democrats.

It's no surprise Greenwald is now adding his screeching voice to the Benghazi smear campaign.It’s just too good for him to pass up.

mahakal said...

I didn't hear anyone say we were "occupying" Libya. I also didn't hear anything wrong being said by the people other than Cenk, who is an obnoxious troll generally.

driftglass said...

Sirota @ "...that if we got attacked in the middle of an occupation, or a perceived occupation..." 2:50

During a discussion of Libya.

Beneath 4 big screens saying "Benghazi-Gate".

Just above the chyron that says "Benghazi Gate".

But maybe he was talking about Occupy Wall Street :-)

mahakal said...

You're right. Sirota is a bit of an idiot, and my position on Cenk remains that he is a troll, which applies to the "Benghazi Gate" chyron since it's his troll show.