Sunday, May 19, 2013

Former Republican Speechwriter...

...discovers the Republican Party.

From David Frum:
So now it's Brit Hume who is joining the editors of National Review in warning against impeachment - at least for now.

National Review warns against "talking loosely" of impeachment and adds "the overwhelming likelihood at this point is that Barack Obama will leave office on January 20, 2017." (My italics.)

Hume's phrase was that talk of impeachment is "way premature."

The warnings are prudent and right. Yet the more I hear these warnings, the less reassured I feel. What is being heard by Hume and the editors of National Review that makes their warnings necessary in the first place?
Because Conservatives are political terrorists, David.  Because trying to destroy all non-Conservatives  by any means necessary isn't a glitch in the Conservative software but one of its central features.

Mr. Frum appears to have chugged enough of Peggy Noonan's Special Pundit Reserve to have come down with a dangerous case of Lethe poisoning.

For his own good will someone sitting closer to Frum than me please reach across the table and keep slapping him


until he remembers the 1990s.

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