Monday, April 29, 2013

This Week In "Not a Dime's Worth Of Difference"

From the Washington Post:
Virginia’s assault on abortion claims a victim

 By Editorial Board, Published: April 26

AT ABORTION clinics, the presence of awnings, the width of doorways and the dimensions of janitorial closets have little to do with the health of patients. But by requiring that Virginia’s 20 abortion clinics conform to strict licensing standards designed for new hospitals, the state has ensured that many or most of them will be driven out of business in the coming months.

Just days after the state Board of Health approved the regulationsthis month, under pressure from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R), they claimed their first victim. Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk, which for 40 years had provided reproductive health services, including abortions, closed last weekend.

Hillcrest was partly a victim of its own success in providing women with ready access to birth control. Like most other clinics around the state, it saw demand for abortions dwindle as more women took advantage of options to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Still, even after years of protests, arson, a pipe bombing and an attack by a man wielding a semiautomatic weapon, Hillcrest performed more than 1,600 abortions last year, about 7 percent of the state total. The principal reason it closed its doors was that complying with the regulations would have saddled it with $500,000 in renovations — an unaffordable expense.

That’s precisely what Mr. Cuccinelli and other advocates of the policy intended. According to a survey by the state Health Department, just one of the 19 surviving clinics meets the requirements. Fifteen of the remaining facilities estimated their combined costs of compliance at $14.5 million.

I wonder how exactly Barack O'Hitler arranged all of this.


Suzan said...

Va. is now the number 1 fucked state.

Although there's a line forming for the title.

tmk said...

na, you want fucked? Look at good ole KS.

Brownback is who all these other crackpot TeaOP governors aspire to be like.


Fritz Strand said...

Looks more and more like Doo Dah land starts across the Potomac river.