Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Reason Mitch McConnell Can Do What He Does

Is that 953,816 of your fellow citizens from the great state of Kentucky elected him to do exactly what is doing.


JerryB said...

It's clear Mitch has no shame. Is incapable of feeling shame. I wonder if those that vote for him are capable of feeling shame? I really think someone should try to find out. As God awful as he's been surely he's got to be vulnerable. Machine or not his constituents have got to be just a little ashamed of him.

Anonymous said...


Being ashamed doesn't matter. Fear of Communist Socialist Democrats and their Marxist Atheist Sharia Agenda overrides all. They don't believe that a Democrat could, or even would want to, protect them from the Black People menace, Illegal Immigrant menace, Sharia menace, Militant Homosexual menace, and science.

Mitch repeats their fears back to them, and says words of strength and comfort. This makes the base feel that someone is really listening to them, and taking them seriously, and sharing their concerns. The fact that Democrats will stare wide-eyed at them and tell them Agenda 21 and the Kenyan birth certificate are complete and utter bullshit means, at best, the Democrats don't share the concerns of "Real Muricans", or at worse are in on the conspiracy.


Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

In the age of Diebold, how can we be sure ANY elected official really won his or her elections?

Anonymous said...


So Mitt Romney really won in 2012?

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

Anon: I consider it unlikely that Romney won, but that is not my point.

How can we ever know WHO really won any election which uses these easily hackable machines? The manufacturers and the government officials can't give us any better assurance than "Trust us, peasants!".

Kathleen said...

You nailed it, Driftglass. In the case of Kentucky (I live right across the river from No KY), the election was NOT rigged. Those people over there really think that way. Their self loathing and terror have bequeathed us Bunning, Rand Paul, and Mitch McConnell. And I'm not talking about the poor people in the mountains (watch the documentary "Harlan County" and you will see how incredibly brave those folks were.) I'm talking about the so called "educated", white, middle/upper middle class population who radiate arrogance and sense of entitlement. It's where your soul goes when it wants to be sucked from your body. All that being said, I know some incredibly kind, wonderful folks from over there as well, some of whom are Republicans. My own grandsons were born there, so there's that, too. But politically, it's a lost cause.