Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Bush Forgettery Project: Dubya At CPAC in 2008

Here is Dubya being loudly cheered by people who, five minutes later, would begin strapping on tricorner hats and swearing they'd never heard of him.

Because without its vast reserves of Strategic Forgettery, American Conservatism would fall to dust and blow away.

...that specific, mutagenic strain of "Wingnut Doublethink" -- the training of an entire generation of Conservatives to mindlessly attack!attack!attack! the "Left" while holding themselves willfully and belligerently ignorant of what their Movement is really doing and who is really running it -- is, in the end, Ronald Reagan's most potent and vile political legacy: Strategic Forgettery.

Because however much one may agree with some of the Conservative Expat crowd over specific issues such as same sex marriage and marijuana legalization, as long as they cling to their own, obsessive Strategic Forgettery, they will always be fools and clowns and chumps. Because as long as they depend on their own Big Conservative Lie to tuck them in at night and tell them that they're good little Reaganites, they cede any pretense of occupying any moral high ground from which to render judgment on the Palinites and the Beckians.

The homunculi who are left inside the Big Tent Batshit Thunderdome are either stupid, evil or nuts...or some cocktail of all three. And if the trend lines of the last 30 years have proven anything, it's that Conservatives are such willing collaborators in their own brainwashing that neither the Expats or the Palnites and their Elite Enablers are capable of retaining any political inconvenient fact longer than 13 seconds (or, in the case of the Palinites, reacting to anything other than what Rupert and Rush tell them to be angry about this time.)

There is absolutely nothing left sifting around inside their mushy, angry skulls except that sparkly aluminum sand that good people at Ohio Arts use to make the Etch-a-Sketch.

Shake-shake-shake...and Ronald Reagan never sold weapons to terrorists, funded an illegal war, raised taxes four times, or left behind the largest deficit in American history up until that time.

Shake-shake-shake...and Bush the Elder never hired Lee Atwater.

Shake-shake-shake...and what Southern Strategy?

Shake-shake-shake...and George W. Bush is the Greatest President Ever, you filthy, Liberal traitors!

Shake-shake-shake...and where did you ever get the idea that anyone in the Conservative Movement supported that "Progressive" George W. Bush?

Shake-shake-shake...George Bush who?

Shake-shake-shake...Sarah Palin never supported the bailout!

Shake-shake-shake...Deficits don't matter.

Shake-shake-shake...Deficits are worse than six Hitlers!

Shake-shake-shake...the Kenyan Usurper's deficits are destroying America.

Shake-shake-shake...why do you keep calling me a "Republican"? I'm a Conservative!

Shake-shake-shake...why do you keep calling me a "Conservative"? I'm an Independent!

Shake-shake-shake...why do you keep calling me a "Independent"? I'm a Independent/Conservo/Libertarian!

To win elections, crush the New Deal and sell the United States into perpetual corporate serfdom, it was Ronald Reagan and the rest of the Conservative Elites who spent years and years and literally billions of dollars to create the infinitely reprogrammable army of imbeciles from which many of those same Conservative Elites now flee in horror.

And however hard they try, will never let them forget it.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

There are also quite a few liberals who seem to have forgotten him.

Unknown said...

Any rise in his poll numbers -- the fucker is STILL under 50% favorable -- is just the more feckless and easily led ``independents'' letting their inner conservative come out again. A real liberal might turn thumbs down on Obama at this point, but none would see Bush as anything more than the incompetent brute he always was.

steeve said...

Conservatives and the media didn't merely drop Bush after 2008. They dropped Bush after Katrina, then picked him back up again for his farewell tour and the election, then quickly dropped him again.

The farewell tour was a sight to behold. Bash, bash, bash, then instantly tongue bath, tongue bath, tongue bath.

DeistPaladin said...

W may be making a comeback among conservatives. I've heard some chatter among the talking heads after the Boston bombing indicating some nostalgia for him. The usual "he kept us safe for 8 years" drivel is being dusted off and recycled.

Of course, 9/11 doesn't count. Neither does the DC sniper. Nor do the anthrax letters. And the London and Madrid bombings don't count because only fer-ners died in those attacks. And all the Americans who died in all the bombings in Iraq don't count because all that happened on foreign soil. And Katrina was a natural disaster so that doesn't count. Other then all that, he kept us just so snuggy and safe for 8 years.

Give the GOP another four years and they'll have W's legacy completely remade and Reaganized. And when you consider how Reagan was reinvented, just think of the possibilities for W. He'll have rallied the country after Saddam's 9/11 attack during the last days of the Clinton administration and personally led a commando team to take out Bin Laden. Oh, the possibilities.

"Shake, shake, shake" indeed.