Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Now in 3D!

On some subjects there actually is a dime's worth of difference between our two political parties.

For lots of different reasons this horrifies some people, which is why individuals like this woman

get paid a small fortune to pretend otherwise.

Watch now as the toll of years of breakfast Mai Tais finally render poor Peggy Noonan incapable of forming the words

"Republican Obstructionism".

And since, like Iraq, everyone David Brooks knows is safely out of the line of fire, Mr. Brooks finds the whole gun debate tedious and boring.

Sure, the Pro-Slaughter Party might be on the wrong side of the issue.  And, sure, Democrats have wasted time and effort watering it down to the point where they hoped some flickering, vestigial memory of a conscience might move a few members of the the Pro-Slaughter Party to vote with 90% of America.  And, sure, under the rules which governed the Senate for most of the last two centuries until the the Pro-Slaughter Party nuked the place with their Filibuster Everything policy, the bill actually would have passed.

But other than pissing off a few Liberals, so what?
Liberals are furious, but the gun issue will not significantly damage the Republican Party. Sure, it looks bad to oppose background checks, which have overwhelming popular support. Sure, the Republican position will further taint the party’s image in places like the suburbs of Philadelphia and Northern Virginia. Sure, the party looks extreme when it can’t accept a bill sponsored by the conservative Senator Joe Manchin and the very conservative Senator Pat Toomey.

But, let’s face it, the gun issue has its own unique dynamic, which is that the people who oppose gun limits vote on this issue while the people who support them do not.

Moreover, Democrats never made a compelling case that the bill would have been effective, that it would have directly prevented future Sandy Hooks or lowered the murder rate nationwide. Even many of the bill’s supporters were lukewarm about its contents.


Anonymous said...

heh heh's not republican obstructionism, Obama has trouble with the LEVERS OF POWER...that's it! Wanna freshen this up for me sweetie, cupla ice cubes for Peggy Weggy...mmm...SKULLBUSTER!

Sean Riley said...

Ye Gods, these people will NEVER relent. Never.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Mr. Brooks divided the Republicans into "first-wave revolutionaries" who've thrown out their moderates, and "second-wave revolutionaries" who've think the first-wave revolutionaries are friggin' hippies.

So the Star Trek aliens with the black on the right sides of their faces (and the white on the left sides of their faces) are at war with the aliens with the black on the left sides of their faces (and the white on the right sides of their faces).

You know, if he just took this admission one step further, he'd realize he's accusing the Republicans of being entirely comprised of nutjobs.

---Kevin Holsinger

Yastreblyansky said...

Kevin is right. If you swallow your dramamine and read through to the end you will find Brook has completely forgotten his opening graff (as drunk as Noonan at this point on Monday evening, when he's in New Haven putting his column on the blackberry between cocktails and the High Table dinner?) and is mourning the inevitable death of the GOP by the end.

Speaking of drunk, I don't watch that kind of TV and have never looked at a Noonan video before and I always thought you guys were teasing, but it's true, isn't it? She looks and sounds drunk right next to Tom Brokaw and that's no small achievement!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

DKG was making a little joke there, talking about the Bad Old Days before direct election of Senators, when they were ALL millionaires...

Well, I LOLed, anyway.

Habitat Vic said...

Also caught her line about a Senate full of millionaires 100 years ago that wouldn't listen to anyone (and that's different from today's Senate how exactly). Around 2008 my Senator Russ Feingold was something like the 3rd poorest Senator, down there with Biden, Sanders and I forget who else. Replaced by an idiot (married the bosses daughter) millionaire Republican. Thank FSM we got Baldwin elected as a counterweight.

Even Brokaw comes out and says we need filibuster reform. But Harry won't budge even after last week's votes - and McTurtle mocking him on Facebook to boot. Depressing.

Tengrain said...

Just a reminder -

Vodka: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Peggy is distinguishing herself again.



zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hey, Vic! Fellow wisconsinite here!

...boy, Walker sucks, doesn't he?

Habitat Vic said...

Yah, hey dere Zombie! Actually born in Chicago, but I grew up in Central WI, undergrad, etc.

Walker. Christ. Put lots of effort into the recall, went to protests in Madison, even did recount for Kloppenburg in Waukesha. Bad enough I live in the ZEGS' district, but Scotty is really causing damage now with both statehouses Repub. I'm tempted to laugh at how that clown can think he has a shot at running for President in 2016, but they said similar things about Ronnie in the 70s, and Shrub in the late 90s.

Please God, let him get in trouble and be driven out of office.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I like to refer to him as Turdwaffle. It's pithier than Charlie Pierce's "wall-eyed homunculus".