Monday, April 01, 2013

Blogiversary #8

(graphic courtesy of my wonderful wife who is a nicer person than I am in every way.)

Been rolling this stone eight years now.  Longer than I went to high school.  Longer that I attended college, even when you add up all the odd, hippity hoppity places where I have picked up a semester or two.  Longer than I have ever held a job without the company going bust or consultants looting the joint or falling out of favor with a new prince or some other major dislocation event.

I owe everything to my readers, listeners and commentors, from the ones who think I am a America-hating Commie menace to decent people, to the ones who think I have sullied the good name of Steve Gilliard (Oh the emails I get) by selling out to He Who Is Worse Than Cheney, to the ones who want me to STFU about David Brooks already because We Get It, to the ones who write me a little terrorist fist-bump when I have said something they felt needed saying and it has made them feel better knowing that they are not alone.

What have I learned?

The usual stuff.

Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

And never start a fundraiser on April Fools' Day.

So tomorrow then.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Count me in the terrorist fist bump category.

Incidentally, I have taught our Orange, Leaky-Ass Dog Lucy to do the Terrist fist (OK, fist-nose) bump.

funding renewed!

Unknown said...

StonyPillow said...

Thanks for the ride.

And keep giving David Brooks the boot. Yes, we get it, but it should be applied as often as necessary until he does. Kind of like insecticide.

Anonymous said...

So, when will the House Driftglass be offered?
Funded 03/30/13.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary -- you're on my daily reading list. Glad I found your site.

Kevin Wood said...

count me among the latter on that list. I've been reading since almost day one - i remember you from when I lurked Gilliard's comment threads and hung out on Atrios. Back when the crust of the blogosphere was still cooling. I hung out my own shingle even earlier - My ten year anniversary comes in May - though without the kind of success you've had. I followed you and Blue Gal into the wild and wooly world of podcasting for a while too, but real life intervened after only about a dozen episodes, though I did get to interview some awesome Canadian bloggers and thinkers on the podcast and later on Virtually Speaking. One day I may even get back to it.
I've never ever asked for money from readers, because I've almost always had a decent day job. Which is why I've been able to keep shooting you the odd sawbuck etc. Be assured, that if straits become truly dire down your way, there is a pretty fair chance of a paying gig for you in the great white north doing some newspaper copy editing. Our shop already does a number of little Chicagoland papers. I'm not in a position to make promises, but could certainly put in a good word. All of this disjointed rambling does come to a point: I think my professional background in the MSM has given me the experience and expertise to say that you are a most excellent wordsmith, delightful podcast pundit and all round good scout.
Keep doing what you do, but start/keep sending your work out to paying outlets in the MSM, eventually someone is going to start sending cheques. Also, it is cheap and easy to self publish stuff for e-books and your myriad fans would easily be convinced to cough up $5 for a book length collection of your best posts or - Heinlein forbid - some original SF from your pen.
I'll be throwing another $50 in the hat, but please, seriously consider the idea of a Driftglass e-book, whether bloggy goodness or something from the fiction stacks. We'd all buy it.