Friday, April 12, 2013

America's Unwritten History


DeistPaladin said...

Who said Randianism wasn't a cult? Let's go down the checklist:

1. Scripture: Atlas Shrugged
2. Deity: The Invisible Hand
3. Devil: The Evil Gubmint
4. Saint: Ronnie
5. Salvation Scheme: Submit to the will of The Invisible Hand and ye verily it shall rain prosperity for all.

monoceros4 said...

And, don't forget the most important ingredient of a cult, what makes a cult a cult really: fanatical devotion to one person at the top whose word must not be questioned. Will any Randist ever admit that their deeply disturbed heroine made _any_ mistakes?

D. said...

They forgot to give her a slight Russian accent.

Bluesborn said...

Jesus you guys how about a simple chuckle once in awhile with out the over analysis?You know? Ha ha? Try it a few times:say "hat" but leave out the "T" on the end.