Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Rand Paul Filibuster in 36 Seconds


Unknown said...

That was lovely. We Richterians are few.

Coldtype said...

Glenn is so talking to you right now...

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

@Coldtype: I read the article to which you linked. GG speaks the truth.

I retain hope that Drifty will someday shake off his assimilation into the Oborg Collective, if only because he still allows criticism of the Obamessiah on his blog, unlike the assimilated Digby and her "ex"-Kossack sidekick Spoony, who allow no comments at all any longer.

2008 really opened my eyes. I had arrogantly thought that we liberals were Vulcans, Dunedain, the cool "cats" who could not be herded. Only those silly stupid racist sexist jingoist Bible-thumping Real Murkan Randroid shoutycrackers could be herded.

Holy Haruhi, was I wrong.

It turned out that the Malefactors Of Great Wealth (or to use the more recent term, the 1%) had simply seen no reason, before 2008, to bother spending the money to unleash one of the propaganda blitzkriegs, which their hired brains are so skilled at constructing, on us.

Once they did, it worked dismayingly well.

The Malefactors needed a treacherous Dinocrat because the Chimperial Cheney Assministration had not just screwed the pooch, they had screwed the whole kennel of pooches, in positions Dr. Ruth never heard of. The 1% knew they could not put another Reptilian in the White House in 2008 without rigging the elections beyond the limits of plausible deniability. Hence, they had to find a Dinocrat who would sell out. I guess HRC must have found her conscience and balked at shredding SS and Medicare, or else the Malefactors wouldn't have thrown her, the former frontrunner, aside and chosen Barack Iscariot Obama to play the Judas Goat to the fauxgressive herd.

To compound my dismay, some of us who did resist the siren song to drink the Blue Arsenic Kool-Aid turned right around--or just turned right--and drank the Red Strychnine Kool-Aid instead.

I despair for this country. At least I turn 50 this May, and I have no descendants. Maybe this country will stay relatively free long enough for me to die of old age before the collapse.

"Apres moi, le deluge."

lockswriter said...

I stopped reading at "Oborg" and "Obamessiah." My loss, I'm sure.

driftglass said...

I look forward to Glenn Greenwald's next book, "50 Shades of Black and White."

OBS said...

"Obamessiah Murkan Shoutycrackers Dinocrat Chimperial Fauxgressive Assministration "

Creative, but way too long for a band name. Needs work. C-

Also, too: Hillary called, your sparklepony is in the mail.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Glenn Greenwald's next book, "50 Shades of Black and White."

That made me LOL in the podcast.

Hamfast Ruddyneck said...

@OBS: Nah, HRC has lost me, too. She served in an important role in the Imperial Plutocratic exploitation and murder machine.

@Drifty: Yeah, poor Glenn, cursed with an active conscience like that.