Friday, March 08, 2013

Professional Left Podcast #170

"We don't want nobody that nobody sent."
-- Timothy O'Sullivan, Chicago Ward Committeeman explains why some people never get hired no matter how good they are and, conversely, why some outright doughbags like Box Turtle Ben Domenech will never miss a meal.


Why are Republican Senators so mad at Barack Obama?
Red Buttons explains:

Da' money goes here:


D. said...

What, he kept sending ghostly comedians who talked about dinner and never actually invited them to one?

(So many of the funny folks of my youth, gone. Watching the reactions, especially in part 1, totally cracked me up. They didn't need fart jokes.)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Thanks as usual for the podcast. Now, for what it’s worth…

About the domestic drone matter, my counter to your “If I had a drone…” argument is “Do you trust that drone in the hands of someone who’s NOT you?”

In other words, what happens when a President who’s not as smart as you, not as competent as you, not as sane as you, and not as moral as you is given the authority to use drones to kill people on American soil?

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

ScarabusRedivivus said...

Thanks for the Frank Rich tip. I'd missed that. By way of comment, I made a cartoon.


Anonymous said...

It was bizarre to watch some of the people laughing really hard at jokes that really weren't funny. Funny people, too, like Jack Klugman. Also, what the hell was Orson Welles doing there?