Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hilariously Clueless Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

"Bill Kristol has suffered not a whit from this grotesque misjudgment (and never apologized), while thousands of young Americans lie dead because of it."

-- Andrew Sullivan, 03/20/13
While that is undoubtedly true, I don't know what sort of "suffering" Mr. Sullivan believes people of Mr. Kristol's social caste ever suffer for being wrong about anything.

It is, after all, equally true that Mr. Sullivan hasn't missed any meals as he managed his rapid transition from a friend of Don Rumsfeld, strident Iraq War supporter and Conservative media darling... invitee to Obama White House dinners, strident scourge of Sarah Palin's uterus and a "True Conservative" media darling.
He is courted by Barack Obama and is friends with Donald Rumsfeld and The Dish has been wooed as a digital media partner by many of America's greatest news brands.

Suffering is for other people.


As I tweeted Mr. Sullivan earlier,"'Misunderstanding' is when the waiter brings you corned beef hash instead of hash browns." Of course Mr. Sullivan has very long and virtually unbroken streak of never responding to any of my posts, emails or tweets, but once I get my own gig at The New Republic or Salon or MSNBC or Slate or Atlantic or Mother Jones or the NYT or the New Yorker or The Guardian or WaPo or CurrentTV or Reason or the Daily Beast I'm sure that will change.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

well, he had to move to New York. It sounds like it is quite painful for him.

Professor Chaos said...

May I add "misjudgement" is an extremely kind word to use for Kristol's knowing lies.

Anonymous said...

He is such a tool sometimes, it's hard to even fathom. He had a post yesterday about how Cheney and Rummy were gripped by fear and that led them to rush into Iraq without getting sober advice.

No, you fucking idiot. They're soulless, lying bloodthirsty sociopaths. The 9/11-related fear was nothing more than the hook they needed to proceed with a plan they'd already scribbled down and meant to pursue. Far from being too scared to seek out dissenting opinions, they character-assassinated anyone who even suggested they were full of shit.

John Hall said...

Suffering is for other people: the people who were right about the Iraq war and Bush administration all along. Many of them were chased away, called traitor and un-American for taking their stand. Others never got the chance to be heard and spoke out defiantly but ultimately with anonymity. And probably when history is ultimately documented on this there will be a whitewash and GWB will again be spoke of with fondness by his then-supporters turned deniers of his very existence.

Batocchio said...

I haven't caught all of Sullivan's Iraq retrospective posts, but I read a couple where he was actually much more abject than I can recall him being before. But that quotation about Kristol shows the stunning lack of reflection from Sullivan we've come to rely on in this DG series.

(I'm guessing that, in Sullivan's mind, he's apologized, so he's different. He can only let his awareness penetrate so far, for self-preservation.)

Suzan said...

And for those of us who suffered quite a bit after losing our teaching positions (resulting from the aforementioned necessary character assassination by those in charge) after we dared to question the rush to war and the so-obvious misunderstanding of events leading to 9/11 . . . and who've never heard any apologies . . . .

Far from being too scared to seek out dissenting opinions, they character-assassinated anyone who even suggested they were full of shit.