Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And Off We Go

"Well of course, everything looks bad if you remember it." -- Homer Simpson

As Rachel Maddow noted this evening, as of this ten year anniversary, the Iraq War is well on its way to being completely rewritten by the Right as a noble war of liberation.

Ten years from now -- hell, five years from now -- it will be Conservative accepted wisdom that "we coulda won in Iraq" if not for the damn, America-hating Libertard Commies in the media.  And it will be Centrist Media accepted wisdom that people who believe that "we coulda won in Iraq" if not for the damn, America-hating Libertard Commies in the media should be given all the air-time they want.

Impoverished by half a century of Conservative economic policies and crippled by the disastrous effects of Conservative environmental denialism and policy obstructionism, they will seek out charismatic leaders who will remove the blame from their shoulders and give them scapegoats to hate.

And they will sing such pretty songs about the glorious past and a rightful heritage that was stolen from them by the Dirty, Dirty Liberals


C. Froggy May said...

What, they won't be celebrating the anniversary of Victory each 1 May?


Anonymous said...

"Conservative accepted wisdom": what in the holy fuck of bloody rectal cancer does that mean? Oh my gosh, how threatening! Please don't make me confront conservative accepted wisdom!

The history of the war is being completely rewritten? Oh, no! What are we to do?! We can't rewrite it, because we can't write it in the first place.

This is sheer intellectual laziness. Of course we can write an alternative (i.e., accurate) history of the war. Who cares if we have to do it while they're singing pretty songs?