Monday, March 04, 2013

AIPAC's Pet Creative Typist

believes that picking up a microphone and articulating his agenda in front of people"confirms" that the Kenyan Usuper's secret , radical-leftist agenda --
"...breaking the back of the opposition not accommodating or passing centrist legislation."
-- is now busted wide open!

She turns for this confirmation to a source that every J-school professor worth their fedora agrees is the very super-duper bestest in the whole world when it comes to verifying the most secret, inner-sanctum stratagems of the Marxist Messiah:  the anonymous Republican congressional staffer --
A senior GOP House aide was mattter-of-fact: “It’s been clear since December that President Obama is more interested in leading his Organizing for Action campaign than leading this nation.”
At this point, Rubin's continued presence in any form of print outside of writing greeting card copy for Hallmark's obscure "Happy Father Coughlin Day" division is so far beyond being a joke that it is impossible to comprehend her continued existence as WaPo columnist...until you understand that she is not a journalist in any sense of the word.

Rubin is a neocon sponsored-content organ grinder monkey.

Which continues to be a very good dollar.


Lawrence said...

If only he went full Conan. "Barack, what is best in life?"
"Crush the Republicans. Redistrict the House. Reform the filibuster. And hear the lamentations of Jen Rubin and Ann Romney."

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Kristol Shrew Persuasion...

Anonymous said...

When I saw "Full Conan", my first thought was to have the President look at the reporter silently for a moment, then throw Boehner's, McConnell's, and Limbaugh's heads down the aisle.

I hope that rhetoric isn't eliminationist....


mjs said...

"Rubin is a neocon sponsored-content organ grinder monkey."

Now available in fish wrap!