Thursday, February 14, 2013

Harry Reid's Brilliant Capitulationist Filibuster Strategy

Continues to pay utterly predictable dividends.

Failure of filibuster reform puts Hagel confirmation at risk
Zachary Roth, @zackroth
2:40 PM on 02/14/2013

Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s choice for Defense Secretary, is at risk of not being confirmed, thanks to a potential Republican filibuster—just weeks after Senate Democrats backed down in their bid to make such filibusters far harder. That’s got progressive activists who pushed for reform telling Harry Reid and co.: ‘We told you so.”

Last month, a group of Democratic senators, backed by a coalition of leading progressive groups, tried to significantly scale back the use of the filibuster, which in recent years the GOP has abused to grind the Senate to a virtual halt. But Reid, who had once embraced the reforms, appeared to lose his nerve, instead forging a deal with Republicans on a much weaker set of changes.

Advocates of reform warned at the time that the pact didn’t go nearly far enough. And now they tell that the showdown over Hagel proves they were right—and underlines why real reform is still needed.
And so this flea circus continues to drag on and on:

Remember, the Hagel nomination is being held hostage to exactly the same "Just keep letting the nutjobs shit wherever they please and eventually they'll see sweet reason" theory of government that every new puppy owner knows is ridiculous but that every Beltway toady absolutely demanded that the White House practice to a fault.

Exactly the same "Give up...Give in...Surrender!" mantra that every Grima Wormtongue Centrist meatstick insisted that Barack Obama had some moral obligation to continue to repeat forever...

...and over which they went into paroxysms of public, screaming hissy fits once he finally started to refuse to go along with the gag.

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Suzan said...

I've wondered from the first if the nomination wasn't a ruse for exactly this reason.

They knew he wouldn't be confirmed.

But it's provided the intriguing (to some) spectacle of the Dims' embracing the right-wing "moderates" in an effort to be inclusive (truly democratic).

And, no, it's not an 11-dimensional chess move that results in the "Ah" moment of the audience's sudden acknowledgement of the integrity level of the Rethugs. (As if they really played chess.)

It just moves the game along after a brief intermission as we get back to the reality of impending permanent fascism with its massive war budgets, drone bombings, torture, rape of the wimmens, and never leaving the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Mali . . . and Iran alone again.

After all, as Jesse Helms said about the Panama Canal, "We stole it fair and square."